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Tow Cable & Strength

So I was reading through the most recent version of the table top game, and found a minor flaw. The tow cable does not say how much it can pull. I assumed it can pull at least your own weight, but does it have any other power to it? I also had a question about weight and strength. I made a heavy Drider/Arachnid character who weighed 4800 but their lift capacity was only 4000, does this mean they can't even lift their fat ass off the ground? Or is is 4000 up and above my weight?

Just some basic questions about the game I'm hoping to get answered.

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Perfectly acceptable questions. I'll answer them in order:

Towing cable total pulling power is as of now presumed to support any amount of weight within reason (I.E. Not towing an M1 Abrams of 61 tons), so long as your ability to perform the desired action (this case, drag, which is lift capacity x 4) is possible. This is slated however for revision utilizing some rules in some more recent content (See: Grip Launcher, page 26 by .PDF, in the Scrap Market section, although the capacity to pull another unit is going to be balanced down in the future to likely 2x lifting capacity. I will see where the crunch puts me on that issue.)

Lift capacity is also presumed that you are capable of moving and utilizing your power armor effectively and is independant of your weight. So, your drider could lift 4000, even if they themselves weigh 4800. All suits are presumed capable of lifting and operating themselves without hassle or detriment to their capacity to lift other objects.

Strength and Weight haven't really been put into much use, they primarily exist because A.) They existed in the CYOA and people latched on to the values B.) It gives people a reasonable understanding what their suit is capable of doing, such as where it can go (4.8k of weight is likely not going to go into a residential home), what it can move/drag, etc.

Hope that answers your questions. If there's anything more you can always PM me or poke me on IRC if I'm around.


Thanks for the answer, me and my current RP group have been tempted to play this but a few vague rules have made them hesitant. This will help a lot! If I have more questions may I direct them to you through PMs?

Again, thanks for the amswer. :)


Certainly. A lot of getting the vagueness or troubles out of rules involves playtesting or trying the game out firsthand, so getting feedback and questions helps me rework problematic areas. I have my own TRPG group right now that has a GM for the game so we can find minor areas that need revision or clarification, as well as give looks on things that I might add or fiddle with in the future.

You can do PM's, wikia, IRC, hell even Skype if you want. That's your call, I pop in to IRC and check the wikia at least once a day (or try to, at the very least), so I will invariably reply at some point.

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