The Pilot Edit

Bad War

The Suit (Total Points: 245)

Armour Class
  • Light
  • Dex: 8
  • Dur: 1
  • Pow: 8
  • Rec: 4
  • Spd: 4 
  • Strength: 4
Total Roll Bonuses
  • Dexy: Melee Attack -34 (-44 ber)

Dodge -39 (-49 ber)

  • Comb: +10 (+20 ber)
  • Tech: +/-5 PENALTY tech (+/-15 ber)
Secondary Stats
  • Advanced Actions: 12
  • Melee Fire Rate: 12
  • 6 Plasma Blades

(one of them is a natural weapon)

  • [Sierra Madre Special]
Body Type
  • Sexy Tank
  • Hybrid Predator
Stat Upgrades
  • Sub-armour Pistons
  • Skates: even ground
  • Capacitors I&II
  • Spare Energy Cell
Roll Bonuses
  • Soldier AI
  • Phoenix Collective
  • Berserker Nanites
Aliases Bad War, [Haywire, Synapse]
Real Name Marlon Marlowe
Nationality International. Originally British (English)
Occupation Mercenary. He does it for free.
Faction Phoenix Collective. They don't do it for free.
Location Worldwide. Based in Chic

Bad War used to be Synapse, but then he had a bad war.

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