"Do you see banana man, hopping over on de white hot sand, 

here he come with some for me, freshly taken from banana tree" 

Screen shot 2010-10-03 at 1.51.47 AM
Handle Bananaman.
Real Name No longer applicable.
Nationality Formerly Canada.
Occupation Monster-for-hire.
Factions Phoenix Collective.
Location Chicago.
Ftl142 urabrask
The Bananaman



-Bio 10

-Armored 10

-Predator 10


DEX: []

DUR: [][][][][][][]

POW: [][][][][][][][][][][]

REC: [][][][][][][][][][][][][]

SPD: [][][][]

STR: [][][][][][][]


-Burrowing 10

-Tremor Sense 10

-Natural Weapons (free)


-None 0


-Brainwave Harness 10


-Suit Status 0


-Radio Transmitter 0


-Natural Impact Knuckles 5

-Pile Bunker 20


-None 0


-Environmental Controls III 20
-Capacitor II 20
-Solar Panels/Photosynthetic Augment 20
-Power Transfer 5
-Cyberbrain 10
-Kinetic Stabilizers 10
-Maneuvering Rockets 10
-Sub-Armor Pistons 10
-Armor Plating 10


-None 0

The PilotEdit

Personality Edit

A mad individual, long dead from near constant fighting, all that is left of him is his cyberbrain, built into his suit and unable to be removed. Insane from any number of reasons, the now totally robotic being has only one subject on his agenda; The Hunt. Stalking his prey, the titan of a beast swims through sand and cement alike, waiting for periods of vulnerability, then striking. Holding a scorched earth position on the status of fallen foes, the beast systematically destroys them by "eating" them, chewing them with his powerful jaws then expelling the unusable remains through his empty cockpit. As some form of mental warfare, or perhaps just a cruel joke, when he readies to attack his prey, he broadcasts the song Bananaman to all nearby receiving radios.


A disembodied cyberbrain built into the upper section of his empty cockpit. Suit appearance is that of a large metal-and-flesh reptilian beast with a smooth face and a terrible set of jaws.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Currently a member of the Phoenix freelancers, indifferent to who exactly would hire him, so long as the pay, and more importantly the hunt, were good. Attempted to join the green initiative, hoping to find kinship in monsters, but was rejected for the willing rejection of his old body and the horrid habits he practices on the battlefield.

The SuitEdit

The Bananaman suit is a terrible machine, 30 feet tall and no safe side, it looks like a hideous re-imagining of earth's earlier predators. Composed of both robotic and organic components, the unusual quality of the suit to repair itself from even the barest scraps has been noted. Whether it be be over-active nanites or a strange property of Sludge yet to be fully understood, the beast's regenerative qualities have earned it a dark reputation on the battlefield, having returned to track its prey after several reports of it being shot down in previous skirmishes. Having two massive arms and a set of jaws reported to gnaw through even the strongest of fortress-tier armors, this suit would make for a close quarters nightmare even were it piloted by a sane man.

Suit CrunchEdit

Beginning Points: 200

See side column for price details.

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