The Pilot
3 Big Ben

Big Ben


A retired boxer, Lord Harold Hornbottom of Horn hill is a terrifing prescence on the battlefeild. 


Honourable and imoveable in his opinions, Harold is a true gentlelman. A warrior and a scholar Mr Hornsbottom spends as much time in his suit, sparing and out of his suit, sparing. He likes to take long walks around his manor and enjoys the odd cigar in his extensive libary. A rennaisance man and sponsor of the arts. He is no chinless wonder from the guards and is a true man of action. 


Standing 6 foot tall and aged 73, Harold has not aged well. While remaining as physcially fit as possible and avoiding all age related dieases, He has lost nearly all his hair, save for his impressive white mustache (of which he is very proud). His broad build has just begun for fall the ravages of time and still bears the many scars of his old life. 

Relations & AlliesEdit

Harold had a wife for 43 years before suit fall but she was killed during a firefight when a group of other suits attacked his home. 

He is a member of the first sons

The Suit Edit

Big Ben
Handle Big Ben
Real Name Harold Hornsbottomm
Nationality English
Occupation Search and rescue 
Factions The first sons
Location Buchanan, (Liberia, west africa)
Big Ben
  • Super heavy
  • Experimental 
  • Biped 
  • Armoured
  • Uptime/Downtime: / 4 hours
  • PR: 10
  • AV:
  • Lift: 3.5 tonnes
  • Height:
  • Weight:800kg
  • Mobility: 15m
  • Air supply: 4h
  • Nerve suit
  • Internal sensors
  • Navigation
  • Comunicator
  • Hydra nanites
  • Sentient AI
  • Towing cabel
  • KSM (Lv5 hardpoint all limbs)
  • Flamethrower (Lv2 hardpoint right hand)
  • Missile pod (Lv3 left shoulder) 
  • Guidance system
  • Self repair_2
  • Improved hull
  • Temperature resitance_2
  • Pressure sheilding
  • Flares
  • Deep sea/space modual
  • Kinetic servos
  • Adhesion 

Suit Crunch Edit

Super heavy 40

Armoured 5

Nerve suit 5

Experimental armour 25

Temperature resisistance_2 10

Self repair_2 10

Improve hull 5

Flares 5

Pressure sheilding 15

Adhesion 10

Deep sea/space modual 20

Kinetic servos 10

Internal sensors 5

Navigation 5

Comicator 10

Hydra nanites 10

Sentient AI 15

KSM (Lv5 hardpoint all limbs) 25

Missiles (Lv3 hardpoint chest) 15

Flamethrower (Lv2 harpoint right hand) 10

Guidance system 10

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