Corporation Information
Name: Biodynamics
Slogan: "Intelligent design"
Established: February 1968
Headquarters: Thule Complex, Greenland

Biodynamics is a bioengineering pharmaceutical company with their main laboratories located Greenland. Despite their remote location, Biodynamics is one of the market's largest competitors, with their many various products being sold worldwide.

Biodynamics' primary interest lies in genetic research and engineering, with the results of their findings being refined and marketed in the form of food, drug, and cosmetic products. Their successful history of business and research lead to the UNAC granting them permission to study examples of alien biology. Presently, in the absence of an alien crew from the ship, Biodynamics has been limited to working with the cooperation and, in some rumoured cases, the corpses of Progenitors. The results of this research are to be submitted to ICSEL for review and dissemination per the terms of the ARD Agreement.

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