• Donut Steel

    Broken Tab Formatting

    September 19, 2017 by Donut Steel

    Courtesy Public Service Announcement. Dunno if there was some kind of an update to wikia formatting or whatever, but pretty much all of the pages that used tabber formatting no longer display properly. Instead, you'll get a page tittle and a blank space where all your information used to be.

    The good news is that all of your data is still there in the page's formatting, viewable in Page Edit screen, and can be easily recovered. I'll be looking through to check out and fix the damage over the next couple of days as I find it, but if your page was affected you are of course free to take care of it yourself.

    This is a conveniently good time to recommend that players that used tabs go ahead and split their pages up if they feel inclined to do so…

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  • Freike

    TE Faction tags

    May 19, 2015 by Freike

    I started tagging pages for TE with their faction affiliation then worried it might not be kosher to add tags to other peoples pages. People keep telling me no one cares about stuff like this nonetheless I felt it would be smart to point out that is a thing I'm doing.

    (I wanted to see who other than Bunyip was actually in GI and discovered it didn't have a catagory.)

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  • Freike

    I'm assuming if anyone has issues with my suddenly making so many edits on the wiki/creating so many pages they'll say something. Atm the wiki is kind of a mess/disorganized. There's a lot of good content people won't find and its difficult to reach the relevant pages for the right version of PACYOA a lot of the time.

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  • Freike

    using tabview instead of tabber is so much better. Once I finished getting it all arranged it will be painless finding any particular section in a click or two.

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  • Freike

    I should seriouly make this my personal blog and post on it all the time. no one would read it except that one random guy who wound up here by accident and was like, the fuck is all this shit?

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  • Kapow257

    I created a page were we can store info about how different countries are dealing with the exosuits. there are several sections that list some of the worlds major powers. feel free to edit as you please. here is a link: World Nations After Suitfall

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  • King Sonata

    As of today, 15.3.20XX, the people have voted & as such are starting to expand our military, we are seeking recruits to join us at the depths of the seas, all are welcome, humans, Fae & Symbiotes alike, the Abyss has grown faster than expected & are in need of soldiers, scientist & other professional personnel.

    The requirements to join are listed below:

    • Deep sea Module
    • Gills
    • Sonar
    • Wi-Fi 
    • Combat Experience, military background is encouraged but not required
    • Loyalty & Dilligence

    • Reinforced biology
    • Hydra regeneration
    • Fluidity
    • Temperature resistance
    • Full control of the symbiote
    • Loyalty & Dilligence

    • Experience, Scientific, Military, Medical, etc.
    • Prepared to move into the Dark City
    • Capable of handling their tasks well
    • Loyalty & Professionalism

    The aplications a…

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