Handle Bravebyrd
Real Name Lucas Berg
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Student
Factions Aegis Exile
Location Kent, England

The Pilot Edit

Backstory Edit

Lucas B., also known as "Bravebyrd" to some, is a very isolated student, always keeping to himself while reading books studying, or just generally browsing the internet. He was seen as a very tech-savvy person, at least by those who see him often. His personality is reflected in his stealthy suit, dashing from place to place, never truly being seen by anyone.

He was one of the few people in Norway to receive a suit, as most of the drop pods had either landed far up in mountains, or out at sea. But he knew another suit user, a close friend to Lucas. There were not many records of this Pilot, as no one knew of him as a suit user, and he had not communicated with any official military or the like.

One day, while testing out their new suits, Lucas and his friend were flying about in the mountain ranges, they were both fairly new to the idea of flying but seeing as they both had Avian body-types, they had to take the opportunity. Lucas was soaring through the sky, not noticing the lack of his friend following him. He heard a crash, as smoke rose from the forest below. Lucas dived down as quickly as he could, hoping his friend would still be alive. The body was never found, it dissapeared with the suit.

To this day, Lucas still blames himself over the death of his friend. It haunts him at night, almost driving him mad

Appearance Edit

Relations & Allies Edit

PACYOA MechAnon (Wyvern Update)

Suit Crunch Edit

Bravebyrd (Post-Wyvern Update):









 Agent AI


 Brain Implant


 Suit Status, Thermal, Vision, Radar, Sonar, Hawkeye, Adv. Suit Status


 Radio Transmitter, Worm Platform, Spider, Spyware


 Beam Sabre (SMS Upgrade), Plasma Bow


 Capacitor, Enviromental Controls, Enviromental Controls II, Enviromental Controls III, Camouflage (Infinite), Cyber Brain,

 Martial Arts, Maneuvering Rockets, Kinetic Stabilizers, Polyglot




 DEX :  9, DUR: 1

 POW: 7, REC: 5

 SPD: 3, STR: 1

Final Bravebyrd

Final Bravebyrd Image


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