Designation: Bulwark

Fortress: Sexy, Tank (20) AI: Engineer (10) HUD: Advanced Suit Status, Hawkeye (10) Comms: Radio, Terminal, Defence Maze (20) User Interface: Brainwave Harness (10) Defences: Plasma Shield, EMP Shield (25) Weapons: Rail Rifle (20) Drones: 2x Heavy (4 because fortress) with Autocannons, 1 Light with Crowd Control + Laser Rifle (2 Because Fortress) (25) Upgrades: Cyberbrain, Veteran Soul, Maneuvering Rockets (20) Nanites: Canvas II, Progenitor, Hydra (30)

Appearance: Bulwark looks closer to a person in strange conventional armour than the traditional power armour, which is odd for a Fortress Class. Heavy armour plates over the body...and legs the lead into tank treads to give it high speed. On arm has a heavy shield generator mounted on it and one shoulder has a large gun. Beyond that, the most notable thing is the steel case it carries on it's back that is nearly as large as it is. This can open up to reveal mostly full drone bays and repair tools.

Role: Defence and Fire Support.

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