Here is a listing of variant CYOAs and older CYOA versions. If there are any new or missing versions, please add them in. Please do not add any WIPs.


Version Author CYOA

Anon-edited MechAnon

/tg/ anons
Power Armour page 1

MechAnon Alt ver

MechAnon Mechanon-pacyoaMechanon-pacyoa-2
Symbiote v1 Genexis

Revamped v2 (Bliss ver)

Bliss Cyoa1-bliss-ver Cyoa2-bliss-ver
Bio Expansion PMCAnon

Bio Expansion

Revamped v1 Bliss Revamped-PAC.CYOA-1 Revamped-PAC.CYOA-2
Modded v1.56 Eyes Modded Cyoa-1.56
Original v2.1

Baby want more points edition

Dr. Divergent

PA-CG-1-V.2.1 PA-CG-2-V.2.1 PA-CG-3-V.2.1

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