The Pilot
Handle Cael
Real Name [Unavailable]
Nationality Irish/British
Occupation Student (Legal/Politics Studies)
Faction Hanse Behörde
The Suit
  • Mesh
  • Bio Amphibian
  • DEX: 6
  • DUR: 1 (+3 on block)
  • POW: 1
  • REC: 10
  • SPD: 3
  • STR: 2
  • Brain Implant
  • Avatar Body
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Thermal Vision
  • Night Vision
  • B.I.S
  • Radio
  • Terminal
  • Spider
  • Spyware
  • Defense Maze
  • Worm
  • Soldier
  • Storage
  • Polyglot
  • Veteran Soul
  • Marital Arts
  • Grappling Hooks
  • Camouflage
  • Collapsible II
  • Cyber Brain
  • Rail Rifle
  • Power Fist x2
  • Metal-storm
  • Suit Control Grenade
  • None
  • (Unable to have them)
  • Plasma Shield
  • Scrambler
  • Light Shield x2
  • Armor Plating
  • Fins
  • Flight

The PilotEdit


Cael was a student, nothing special about him. He shot a little, played games, worked on his computer in 'Shitehole Armagh'. The best that could be said about him was that he public speak with the best of them and he could drive well. He become a hell of a lot more special when a pod crashed into a field near his fathers house and he became the new owner of a fortress leviathan and improved with a cyber-brain which traded in for a mesh suit later. He didn't wait long to figure out what to do and grabbed what money and supplies he could, his fathers gun and disappeared into the night to help fight Tumblr armour, not like there was anything else to do.

He suffered a dramatic change following losing his biological body during the events of Relay, surviving only thanks to having cyberbrain. He has become work focused and snarky and has trouble building any lasting relationships with the other pilots, interacting with them only as squad leader and leading them through this before moving onto the next meeting and the next operation.

Despite being rather shut out from the rest he is not by any means unfriendly and is arguable much nicer post-Relay and has begun seeing himself as a team load bearer and will at a push interact with his team. However he has started showing signs of strain as his low lying psychopathy flares up when fighting and having lost any chance of having a psychological hang up like the rest of Hanse, this problem can only worsen as time goes on.


Being interred in an avatar after being decapitated during the events of Relay and loss of tactile feedback outside of his suit had led him nearly being permanently locked away inside, shedding it only for diplomatic meetings or when he deems it necessary.

His avatar is a upgraded sensor model that has been re-worked to allow a more 'normal' day-to-day life. Although it is replaced as newer models are developed if he needs different systems for an operation.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Suit Capabilities Edit

His suit "The Jester" was given to him by Hanse Behörde as to replace his old fortress which in turn was given to another pilot.

The suit looks like it's namesake, in bright gold trim with royal blue and emerald green diamond pattern over it's body. It's equipped with the best tech that could be bought at the time although it is starting to show wear and age from the constant refits and repairs. It has been refitted to house any avatar body inside and interfaces with them to provide tactile feedback and well as enhanced functions.

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