Carrier Prime

Tommy Wilder Edit

"Carrier Prime"

Carrier prime
Handle Carrier Prime
Real Name Tommy Wilder
Nationality U. S. A.
Occupation ex-farmhand turned suit weapons scientist
Factions Tumbler engineer "Hacker"
  • Fandom association:(Power levels kept hidden, but apparently he is a part time collector.)
Location Tumbler Engineers headquarters (Residence)

Armor Corps headquarters

Carrier prime

  • Fortress
  • Carrier ball
  • Dexterity: 1
  • Durability: 7
  • Power: 11
  • Recovery: 1 
  • Speed: 3
  • Strength: 5
Perks and Flaws
  • +/- 10 tech normally, +/- 20 When Hacking, Network Booster
  • +5 Com, +5 Dex, No nanites
  • Brainwave harness
  • Skates
  • Flight
  • Suit status
  • Adv. Suit Status
  • Radar
  • Hawkeye
  • Tremorsense
  • Broadcast integration system (BIS)
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Free-Space optical transmitter
  • Terminal
  • Comm buoy
  • Defense maze
  • Worm Platform
  • Spider
  • Spyware 5
  • Broadcast integration system
A. I.
  • Engineer
  • Capacitor 1+2
  • Cyber brain
  • Uplift
  • Storage
  • Polyglot (see crunch)
  • maneuvering rockets
  • red queen action task splitter
  • Memory palace
  • Technician
  • Medkit
  • Repair kit
  • Engineering kit
  • Improved kits
  • 2 Experimental #004s
  • Longbow
  • 2 Scouts
  • 2 Light "airstorm" drones (Sidewinder+EMP)
  • 2 scavenger
  • 2 avatar
  • Plasma shield
  • Emergency Evac
  • Scrambler
  • Metalfury
  • Relay part one
  • Fallen Palace
  • Operation Kursk
  • Operation Comet Thunder
  • Operation Bye Bye Byrdy
  • Operation Cold One (fluff)
  • A Night in Omsk (OTB)
  • Operation Falling Star
  • Operation Joust (WINNER!)
  • Operation Liberation of Port Moresby
  • Operation Low
  • Operation Capitol Patrol 
  • Operation Heart of Darkness 
  • Operation Fire from the Gods
  • Operation Mission of Mercy


Born to a military family that moved to the country, Tommy felt the armor drops was his chance of serving his country. Although he didn't expect that he would be fighting an alien threat. Tommy and his A.I. Editi use the suits avatar drones to otherwise interact with the outside world.


Excitable, energetic, with just enough kindness to be above normal. But when he isn't trying to step into the next fight he's playing with his drones or Editi. Tommy is loyal to a fault, and Editi fears that behavior is going to get him killed as he would never expect a backstabbing. His A.I. Editi Eadrom is almost the emotional opposite. She is stoic, calculating, and distrusting of anyone but Tommy. She acts as the bigger sister to Tommys little brother. Lately both have been changing from being in active combat, and Tommy has calmed down a small amount, while some swear if they hear the A.I. speak there isn't the same strong taste of paranoia in her voice, instead there is a hint of fear.

Command and tumbler engineer living has changed them even more. Tommy has shown moments of not only his true "no-shit-given" attitude, but weird moments of genius. If it's not for the weird amount of hidden items he keeps stashed; but also the kind, he could do something great or horrible. Editi has felt more calm, as people that command the mission don't die in them. She such she has given Tommy more freedom and has loosened his existential leash since joining Tumbler Engineers.


6'1", pale white skin, Shaggy long light brown hair, blue eyes, and has a fairly lean build due to extensive time spent in the suit. If the suits life functions did not include a muscle simulator his limbs would have became useless due to the fact he has not left the suit since it's creation.     

Tommy's avatar drone keeps his hair short and informal. He wears forest camo cargo shorts with a purple white beater kept together with a zipper down the front. Editi's drone is 5'8, light skinned red head with brown freckles, healthy build, and green eyes. She wears a two piece black business suit with a professional bun hairstyle. She likes to look professional to Tommy's casual style. The drones look almost lifelike due to the amount of time spent of them.    

Relations & AlliesEdit

New to both armor corps and what is left of the american government, Tommy is trying to find a group that wants his skill set while serving to protect his family. He was a 4 Chan user before so he is receptive to the Armor Corps despite not being founded by the united states military. Lately Tommy has been able to form friendships with other suit users in Armor Corps, but to be honest he tries to make friends with everyone. This list is Editi's "List of people who might want to kill Tommy the least."

Sliver Knight : One of the few suit users that warmed up to Tommy without telling him to bugger off. What put SK on the list was the few chats that she had with his A.I. 73-CH4R. Since their death Editi has undergone a crisis of morality concerning one of the few people she has warmed up to has died. While she wishes that Tommy had the freedom that Sliver Knight had, she holds him even closer now knowing how easy death can visit. And Tommy? He tries to change the subject whenever it's brought up, but some people say that when they get a look into the carrier bay they can see a silver scrap of metal welded into a large panel in the back.

Private : Mostly due to his performance in the missions Editi and him have been in so far. Kinda helps that Tommy let him into the carrier bay to be dropped into combat and he didn't touch a thing while he was in. She thinks he seems to be a serious sort of which she likes. The bonding over OP cold one has only improved their relation. Editi does however like to make jokes about his "handiness."

Bunyip: Although he has been showing depressed behavior, He has been kind to Tommy, and considering their work history Editi has relaxed around him. She doesn't trust many people. But Bunyip seems to be more straight forward then other people. And that's what she likes about him.

Valkyrie: While not trusting of her change of behavior in combat. Editi is studying Valkyrie for a potential ally. As she seems to want to adhere to rules despite the "normal" behavior of Armor corps members. Editi thinks that because she outranks her that she will have some pull on her during a critical moment, but does not want to tempt fate without knowing for sure.

Shadow: Editi doesn't know much about the man, but since the uplifted AIs tend to get together once in a while to chat Editi has gotten comfortable with Komachi. In op cold one Editi has shared a secret with another girl, and since for AIs it's like sharing favorite their "toy" idea. Editi has trusted her with a secret, for better or worse.

Redneck Rider and Zulu: For better or worse Tommy has adopted Redneck and Zulu into his family, as they have him. Tommy holds them like he does his own family, and tries to help them when he can. Breaking protocol Tommy slips Zulu drugs packages laced with hyrda boosters; she still feels the same effect, but it helps her own hydra heal the effects of the long term effects. Redneck he helps in a different way. Tommy slips him into combat jobs he knows he can do while trying to keep him from the jobs he could die from. He also moves him up the list on maintenance and weapon supply lists. Editi, while noticing this behavior; knows that while it might be slightly destructive behavior, this is something that Tommy will do anyway. She is more busy making good with command; AC or other factions, and on warns him on doing things he can't get punished for. With the death of Zulu and the seclusion of Redneck, Tommy is seeming to have a more and more obvious angry side. And along with the silver scrap of armor, a sliver of black scrap with gray highlights is welded on the inside panel....

Ivan: While Tommy likes Ivan Editi is mixed. She does not know what to read from him, or his loyalties. She agrees with what she sees and is willing to work with him more then others.

White Falcon: Tommy has grown closer to white when White starting dating one of his workers, and his declared him to be his one of his best buds. Editi however is hesitant to trust White, but after seeing him being called and acting like a "normalfag." Editi has marked him as a non-threat. So long of course as White continues to be someone Editi can predict.


  • Tumbler Engineers: While Tommy was not a fan of tumbler even before suitfall, Editi has convinced him to join under the agreement that as long as he is enlisted he can have booze (with only purity filtered) on tap for one night a week. The new tech she has been given access to has only helped calm down her fears somewhat. It also helps that her room can take more then a nuclear blast.

The SuitEdit

Instead of the normal pods that dropped giving the user full control over what they picked, Tommy got a pod that worked around his subconscious. Instead of the walking mech of doom he was thinking when he saw the first /tg/ thread about suitfall, he got a giant ball of drones his supporting personality wanted. Stepping into the pod of the middle of the ball put Tommy's body into a coma like state while his mind was melded into the mech. In that state he meet Editi and rolled with his new life. When he got into his suit he found that even if he can, he currently cannot get out of his suit (Editi is keeping him in because she worries for his safety, while Tommy has no idea about Editi's attempt to keep him in.) May lady luck have mercy for anyone nearby when that bridge gets crossed. 

Suit Crunch Edit

Points: 200 standard


  • Metalfury
  • Relay part one
  • Fallen Palace
  • Operation Cold One (fluff)

Total points 65

Joining Tumbler Engineers 1/2 points : 32.5

  • Operation Kursk 15
  • Operation Comet Thunder 15
  • Operation Bye Bye Byrdy 15
  • Operation Cold One 0 (fluff)
  • A Night in Omsk (OTB -5 points)
  • Operation Falling Star 15
  • Operation Joust (WINNER!) 15
  • Operation Liberation of Port Moresby 15
  • red queen action task splitter -15
  • Operation Low 15
  • Operation Capitol Patrol 15
  • Operation Fire from the Gods
  • Operation Mission of Mercy

Total 157.5

Usable: 100 points

  • Operation Heart of Darkness +20

Total: 120

Body Type: Roller 10 Movement: Skates, Flight 30 Suit A.I.: Engineer 40 User interface: Brainwave harness 50 Hud: Suit status, Advanced suit status, radar, Broadcast integration system, Tremorsense, Hawkeye 80 Comms: radio transmitter, terminal, Free-Space optical transmitter, comm buoy, Worm Platorm, Spider, Spyware, defense maze 140 Upgrades:, capacitor 1+2, cyber brain, uplift, storage, Memory palace, Technician, RQATS, Maneuvering rockets, Ploygot, Medkit, Repair kit, Engineering kit, Improved kits 240 Defence : Plasma shield, Emergency Evac, Scrambler 275 Drones: 2 scouts, 2 "Airstorm" lights (Sidewinder+EMP), 2 scavenger, 2 avatar 310 Weapons: 2 Experimental #004s, Longbow 320

Upgrade stats: 2 Light "razgriz airstorm" drones (Sidewinder+EMP) Polyglot (Elven, Mandarin, Hindustani, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Malay-Indonesian, French, and latin.) Takes up build points 2 Experimental #004 5 each Total build 320

Relay mission bonus : Broadcast integration system (Auto radar network) Operation Fire from the Gods : "I nuked Vauxhall Bridge" Decal Operation Heart of Darkness bonus : "Longbow" +15-5= +10 combat total

Perks: +/- 10 tech normally, +/- 20 When Hacking, Network Booster Flaws: -5 Com, +5 Dex, No nanites

Joumun gander

Joumun ganderEdit


Handle Jörmungandr
Real Name Joumun gander
Nationality U. S. A.
Occupation Collage NEET
Factions Mooaddas member (believes is a descendant of Loki.)
Location Mooaddas Headquarters (True Residence)

Armor Corps headquarters (Apartment)


  • Medium
  • Sexy bio Leviathan (Serpent form) variable mimic
  • Dexterity: 6
  • Durability: 3+2
  • Power: 4
  • Recovery: 8 
  • Speed: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • nerve suit
  • Suits status
  • Thermal vision
  • Radio Transmitter
A. I.
  • Soldier
  • Capacitor
  • Collapsible 2
  • Storage
  • Tentacles
  • Canvas 2
  • Hydra 2
  • Progenitor
  • Environmental controls 2+3
  • fins
  • gills
  • Camo
  • Flight
  • 2 Beam saber upgrades for nat weapons
  • two RPGs
  • Point barrier
  • Operation Quickdraw


Born to a religious family that was born and raised in the same town that Tommy moved into, Joumun was a typical loner child until Tommy came into the same class. Tommy being himself bothered Joumun and never grew together until Joumun stopped trying to shake Tommy off. They became close friends after that and started their own circle with themselves, Mikey ross, Mouth darongi, Data kong, and Chunk lageburg. Up until high school things where turning better for Joumun. No loner behavior, no shoving people away, Hell when they found 4chan things got even more fun for the group. That was until senior year in high school Joumun's parents died in a car accident. Joumun then went into depression as with no other close or immediate family members there was no one to help or talk to. Joumun kept up the house and finished school while going to collage, but dipped deeper into trying to find answers to life and why things happen. /x/ was almost another home to Jou as well as Tommy and CO was Jou's new family. Blood bonds each the made a pact that would keep them together no matter what. Well that was until the day suitfall happened. Joumun had a pod crash though the roof and thought it was a sign of deeper meaning. Jou didn't have an idea of how far it would lead though...


Dominating, chaos inducing, and hedonistic are her main facets. When not bored she tends to be helpful, but believes that life shouldn't be boring, and that strife breeds strength . And loves to mess with pilots when off duty to try and entertain both herself and others. Having gained a harem she has become more laid back. Doling out sage advice and a kind ear to those that ask for it. But that side is rare for someone who she believes has not earned it.


6'6", Pale, blue eyes, black hair, lean yet slightly muscular and voluptuous build is her normal form. However with Canvas 2 and hydra she likes to endure pain for whatever form she needs or wants for the time.

Relations & AlliesEdit


Redneck Rider and Zulu:


  • Mooaddas: Stealth fighter and infiltrator.

====The Suit==== 

Suit Crunch Edit

300 points Sexy bio Leviathan variable mimic 215 Capacitor 195 Soldier A.I 185 Environmental controls 2+3 free fins + gills free nerve suit 180 Collapsible 2 170 Tentacles X1 160 Natural Weapons X2 Bite and 1 tentacles 140 Flight 120 X2 Beam saber upgrades for nat weapons 90 Point barrier 60 Canvas 2 50 Hydra 2 30 Progenitor 20 Camo 10 Thermal vision 0

Zonda Bueno

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