After Armor Corps came through as a developing suit faction, it split into multiple splinter factions based on the diverse interests and abilities of the many suits that make up the planet's humanity-aligned forces. All of these factions have put aside quarreling and domination over other factions to clear up the Vannai and save humanity from being wiped out systematically to facilitate a colonization effort. The many suit factions have diverse interests, yet are frequently on good terms with one another. Armor Corps, acting as the base and general overarching faction, holds close ties to every other faction on the planet, with no true enemies outside of the Vannai and Tumblr Armor itself.

The factions are separate somewhat from the countries that sponsor them and the global political scene. Factions do not act as national entities, but rather as military forces that loan out services or just give protection to the real national governments that are reemerging from the ruins of the old world. However, due to the power they possess and the vast amount of work that they have put into the protection of humanity, suit factions have immense sway in global politics, and this sway can be used to effectively control the interests of entire continents in some cases. The militaristic factions (AC, Moqaddas, and GI) all function best when operating on assaults, sieges, or other military mission types. The political faction, Hanse, has a more sophisticated approach to the problem, focusing their efforts on pulling global stability back together. The technological faction, TE, is constantly researching and investigating the inner mysteries to the power armor. The five major factions have worked in order to ensure that even after the Vannai and the invasions, there will still be something left of the human race.