Alias Crux
Real Name Unknown
Nationality Likely American
  • Faction Leader
Factions The Purifiers
Location Unknown

Crux is the leader of the Purifiers, and, as a devout xenophobe, has dedicated himself wholly to the eradication of all symbiotes, space elves, and pseudo-elves on Earth. Why exactly he has done this is unknown, as is almost any other hint regarding his past, though some claim that he was detained within an asylum prior to suit fall; regardless, his faction has risen to a certain degree of notoriety within North America, possessing cells throughout many of its larger cities as well as a central HQ in New York, though the actual number of people aligning themselves with the Purifiers is relatively few compared to a group such as the Vox Populi.

Personality and HistoryEdit

As previously mentioned, the only suggested points of history behind Crux are that he is at some point in his 40's, and the rumours about his incarceration in a mental ward prior to suit fall, and even those have no factual evidence behind them as of yet. What is known is his personality, which seems to be almost constantly tranquil regardless of the situation he's in, only changing slightly - to a calm, apparently internal rage - when faced with an alien of some form. Many people who have met him also suggest a significant degree of logic to him and his observations and arguments, though whether or not that logic is applied towards positive reasoning is debated along various tangents.


Precisely one known image of Crux outside his suit is currently in existence, revealed in a "Public Address" video posted anonymously on the Safety Net of the man executing a Fae. The man introducing himself as "Crux" is slender white man with groomed black hair and a sharp face, possessed of black bags under his eyes - these highlighting a notable lack of eye colour, whether through photographing error or genetic defect - but which is otherwise seemingly well-trimmed. His clothing in the photograph consists of a relatively standard black tuxedo-shirt-tie-shoes combination, black and white all; whether this is worn regularly under the suit is unknown.

L.R.A.P. "Irangelus"Edit

Crux's suit, dubbed as (L)ong (R)ange (A)nti-(P)ersonnel "Irangelus", is apparently named after a double wordplay, in that it is possible to roughly draw out from it the Latin phrases "ira gelus", literally "wrath of the ice", and "irae angelus", roughly "angel of wrath", both of which might be reasonably applied to the man himself, given the design of his suit. This is described by what few non-Purifier onlookers there are as being anything from Mesh to Medium with regards to class, but it is always described as possessing long-ranged weaponry, utilized in a fashion not too dissimilar to how a sniper might use a rifle with regards to offensive strategy, and an ice blue and black colour scheme with exaggerated wing structures on the back, though again what these are described as being/looking like varies between descriptions.