Hanai Brooks

Handle Dronestorm
Real Name John Brooks
Nationality American
Occupation Software Engineer (Former)
Factions Armor Corps
Specialty Defense, Communications
Location Southern Kansas
Usurper actual

The Usurper

  • Fortress
  • Sexy, Tank
  • Dex: 5
  • Dur: 5
  • Pow: 5
  • Rec: 1
  • Spd: 3
  • Str: 5
AA per Turn
  • 6
  • Brain Implant
  • Radar, Sonar, Standard
  • Radio, Comms Buoy
  • Skates
  • Grappling Hooks
  • Environ I
  • 1 Beam Sabre, Named "The Trencher"
  • 1 Plasma Rifle
Suit AI
  • Soldier
  • Heavy Shield, Battering Piston
  • Light Shield, Armor Plating
  • 4 Heavy Destroyers with:
  • RPG, Plasma Rifle,
  • 2 Scavenger Mechanics
  • 2 Tauric Avatar Drones with:
  • Beam Sabre, Plasma Shield, Tauric type
Cyber Brain
  • Martial Arts
  • Veteran Soul
  • Canvas II
  • Progenitor
  • Hydra

The Pilot Edit

Expunged By Dronestorm Any other data here is out of date

Suit Crunch Edit

|Class: Fortress |Type: Sexy Tank - 20 |Dex: 5 |Dur: 4 |Pow: 5 |Rec: 1 |Spd: 3 |Str: 5

|AA: 3 |AI: Soldier - 10 |UI: Brain Implant - 20 |HUD: Sonar, Radar - 10 |Comms: Comm Buoy, Radio - 10

|Weapons: |Beam Sabre - 15 |Plasma Rifle - 20

|Defenses: |Heavy Shield, Battering Piston - 20

|Drones: |4 Destroyer Drones - 40 |-RPG, Plasma Rifle |2 Scavinger Drones - 20 |2 Avatar Drones - 20 |-Tauric, Plasma Shield, Beam Sabre

|Cyber Brain: |Martial Arts, Veteran Soul - 20 |Grappling Hooks - 5 |Nanites: Canvas II, Progenitor, Hydra - 30

20+10+20+10+10+15+20+20+40+20+20+20+5+30 Roll Bonuses: Dexy: -15 Combat: +15

Handle Albatross
Real Name Alby Holt
Nationality English
Occupation Costume Designer, Cosplayer
Factions Tumblr Engineers
Specialty Defense, Hacking, Support
Location New Zealand
The Warlord
  • Heavy
  • Roller
  • Dex: 1
  • Dur: 7
  • Pow: 4
  • Rec: 2
  • Spd: 4
  • Str: 5
  • Brainweave Harness
  • Radar
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Floodlights
  • Radio
  • Worm Platform
  • Spider
  • Spyware
  • Defense Maze
  • 4x Extra Limbs
  • Tremorsense
  • Maneuvering Rockets
  • Cyber Brain
  • Veteran Soul
  • Martial Arts
  • -Sword Training
  • -Wing Chung
  • MAC
  • Plasma Rifle
Suit AI
  • Engineer
  • Ghost
  • Light Shield, Armor Plating
  • Plasma Shield, Bulwark
  • EMP Shield
  • 2x Heavy Defenders, Ion Cannon
  • None

The PilotEdit

Albatross, also known as the New Guy, was born and raised in Liverpool. He wasn't very important throughout his child or teen life at all, and that didn't change much when he was in college. He was pretty good at costume design though. He made a lot of Cosplay Costumes, and generally based them around World of Warcraft.

He was a part of a pretty good raiding guild in World of Warcraft, and he was actually in the main raiding group. He was the Main Tank, and was pretty damn good at being that. They got most of the Realm First! achievements, and even got Realm First! Heroic Garrosh Hellscream. That title is pointless to anyone who doesn't actually play WoW, but to someone who does, that title is like having "I'm cooler than everyone else on this server" over your head all the time. Needless to say, he was cooler than everyone else on the sever.

Personality Edit

Albatross' weird, in more ways then one. Yes, he is pretty reclusive at times, but when he's around people, he just keeps talking on and on. If there isn't anyone around who comprehensively understands World of Warcraft pop culture, then deciphering his ramblings when he's talking about it is nigh impossible. When he is understandable, he's not really a serious guy at all. Some say he can only communicate in Jokes or references, much like Borderlands. Only actually funny.

He isn't very assertive, except for when someone else is being bothered. Call it his tanking instinct to try and take the hits for people, and he can take it. He always does. When he's angry though, he is Cynic Incarnate. All in the name of humor, though! Bad jokes, as in straight up unfunny ones make him angry, and he hardly makes any out of place jokes. When he does, he beats himself up over it.


Relations & AlliesEdit

Alba's in a weird place, being permanently the New Guy and having a shit time generally while at AC headquarters.

The SuitEdit

The Warlord, built specifically for defense and tanking excels at doing things not many other suits are built for. To be precise: Hacking and actually defending other suits. And yes, a Roller with arms and legs does look like that.

Suit CrunchEdit

Suit Class: Heavy

Suit Type: Roller, Variable Avian - 35

Dex: 1 ; 3

Dur: 7 ; 4

Pow: 4 ; 4

Rec: 2 ; 2

Spd: 5 ; 7

Str: 4 ; 4

Roller Bonuses: Skates

Avian Bonuses: Flight

Bonuses/Penalties: +-25 Tech, +15 Dex, -5 Com

Features: Tremorsense - 5

AI: Engineer - 10

UI: Brainweave Harness - 10

HUD: Radar, A.S.S., Hawkeye, Night Vision - 15

Coms: Worm Platform, Spider, Spyware - 10

Weapons: 3x Missile Launcher - 60

Drones: 4x Heavy Destroyers, Plasma Rifle, RPG - 80

Defenses: Light Shield, Armor Plating, Plasma Shield, Bulwark - 35

Upgrades: Manuvering Rockets - 10

Kinetic Stabilizers - 10

Cyber Brain: Marial Arts, Veteran Soul - 20


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