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Empyrean KnightsEdit

  • The EK have stolen/hoarded technology from the Fae.
  • The EK have approximately 500 people in their organisation with a little under 1/5 pilots
  • The EK own 2-3 airships with 25-30 pilots assigned to each
  • The EK's backers are mostly corporate and private contributors
  • The EK hate Elforce for brazenly stealing their shit


  • Symbiotes crashed to earth clinging to pods.
  • Symbiotes are a highly-evolved alpha predator species in a similar manner to Aliens' Xenomorphs.
  • Symbiotes come in a wild variety of subspecies.
  • The smallest symbiotes seen so far are around the size of huskies. The largest seen so far are around the size of polar bears.
  • Symbiotes are distributed widely over the earth in a roughly even spread.
  • Symbiotes are discounted by most governments as urban legends.
  • Symbiote attacks are few and far between, though they are on the rise as they breed.
  • Symbiotes breed by infecting and subverting hosts, using their biomass and any useful traits.
  • Humans infected by Symbiotes are able to retain self-control to some extent.


  • Fae are space-elves. They have long ears, lithe bodies and long lifespans but otherwise closely resemble humans.
  • Fae have technology so far advanced that it almost seems like magic.
  • The Fae have been trying to eradicate the Symbiotes, similar to the Aliens vs. Predators.
  • They see Humanity as a lesser race bickering over a pile of dirt.
  • The main body of their spaceship remains in orbit, and is still habitable, but barely functional. They are trying to repair it.
  • Sizable parts of it have fallen to Earth, as has much of their cargo. (i.e. suit pods)
  • They rely on their suits and smaller shuttle-craft to travel between Earth and the ship.
  • Its main weapons and drive system cannot be activated because REASONS (hull integrity? power/heat management?) but it has sufficient active defenses that shooting it down would be difficult and attempting to board would be near suicidal.
  • If it was destroyed, the debris would be a huge hazard to existing satellites.
  • Fae developed nanotechnology based on the infestation mechanisms of Symbiotes.