More Enyo Sketches

Enyo, as depicted by her player.

Handle "Enyo"
Real Name Janice Edwardson
Nationality American (USA)
Ethnicity African-American Elf
Occupation Former College Student and Gas Station Worker
Factions Aegis Exile
Location Last seen in Ashford, Kent, England, but may appear again soon. Previously seen in the English Channel, and in Montana before that.
Enyo Sketch

An image of the suit before the Kent mission, complete with drones.

Designation Enyo
Armor/Body Type Fortress/Sexy Tank

Dexterity: 5

Power: 5

Speed: 3(4 on even ground)

Durability: 4 (7 when blocking)

Recovery: 1

Strength: 5

User Interface Brainwave Harness

Engineer AI (Furia) [+-5 to TECH rolls]




1 Extra Limb


Suit Status

Advanced Suit Status




Thermal Vision

Night Vision


Radio Transmitter

Defense Maze

Comm Buoy



Ion Cannon

Vibroblade [Sierra Madre Special]

Light Drone (Flamethrower, Flamethrower) x 2

Light Drone (Pulse Rifle, Pulse Rifle) x2

Light Drone (Grenade Launcher, Grenade Launcher) x2

Scavenger Drone x2

Defenses EMP Shield

Plasma Shield


Cyber Brain

Environmental Controls I and II

Veteran Soul [+5 to COMBAT rolls]





Collapsible I



Mycelium I

Canvas I and II

The PilotEdit


If one had to describe Enyo, it could be said she is eager to prove herself. Ever since youth, she has attempted to win the approval of her parents, friends, peers, and even enemies, to mixed degrees of success. Suitfall, and the subsequent contact from Armor Corps Command leading to her attachment to Team Aegis has left her only more determined than ever to earn her place in the world, as she demonstrated during the multi-suit drop at the CNN Center in Montana not long ago. She also seems to be quick to detect implications about herself, as seen in the aftermath of the incident in the English Channel involving Primal.


Standing at about 5'6", Enyo appears to be, by all counts, a somewhat well-toned, dark-skinned elf. When outside of her armor, she tends towards blue jeans and denim jackets, as well as midriff-baring shirts. The suit she wears while piloting her armor, however, is far more... er, flattering... than her usual fare, and she doesn't seem to mind. Usually.

Relations and AlliesEdit

Beyond her comrades in Team Aegis (and Armor Corps in general), Enyo has no allies of note. Of some interest is her supposed familiarity with Zinovie, pilot of the Eisenstein unit. As it stands, since the Ashford mission, her relationship with Armor Corps has become strained at best, though her own acquaintances on Aegis Exile are closer to her heart than ever.

The SuitEdit

Suit CrunchEdit


Skates [free with Tank]

Gills [195 left]

Tremorsense [190 left]

Sexy [180 left]

Tank [170 left]

Engineer AI [160 left]

Brainwave Harness [150 left]

Radio Transmitter

Defense Maze [140 left]

Suit Status

Advanced Suit Status [135 left]

Floodlights [130 left]

Radar [120 left]

Sonar [110 left]

Ion Cannon [95 left]

Light Drone (Flamethrower x 2) [90 left]

Light Drone (Pulse Rifle x 2) [80 left]

Light Drone (Grenade Launcher x 2) [70 left]

Scavenger Drone [60 left]

Cyber Brain [50 left]

Veteran Soul [45 left]

Ghost [40 left]

Uplift [30 left]

Environmental Controls I


Mycelium [20 left]

Canvas I and II [10 left]

Progenitor [0 left]

BONUS! Get Back To Le Roddit

Polyglot [10 left]

EMP Shield [0 left]

BONUS! Dust To Dust

Plasma Shield [0 left]

BONUS! Unlikely Hero

Extra Limb [25 left]

Vibroblade (Sierra Madre Special)[15 left]

Environmental Controls II [5 left]

Collapsible I [0 left]

BONUS! Operation Eyes Wide Open

Broadcast Integration System [Relay reward]

Thermal Vision [30 left]

Night Vision [20 left]

Comm Buoy [10 left]

Terminal [0 left]

The Design Edit

Enyo's gargantuan machine (of the same name) is noted for having an ion cannon for a right arm, a tread-bottomed base with a number of storage comparments, and a drone bay towards the back of the base. The cockpit, while made of a somewhat damage-resistant material, leaves Enyo fully visible to enemy assailants. Designed to provide drone support and blockade key areas, the massive suit can be found rolling over all sorts of terrain or holding choke-points by blasting enemies with her Ion Cannon at range in Siege Mode. Each pair of Light Drones she carries comes with a twin-linked weapon - two are equipped with flamethrowers for dealing with attacking conventional forces, two pack pulse rifles for taking down fast or explosives-resistant opponents, and two more carry grenade launchers for various uses, mostly involving making sure something dies. While perhaps not as speedy as it could be, the Fortress is extraordinarily agile for its class, able to turn quickly and dodge a number of things suits of its size ought not be able to avoid.

After the incident in Ashford, she has upgraded her suit with an extra arm, carrying a bearded axe that uses hypersonic vibrations. It is believed that she installed it for the sake of having an answer for suits that get into close combat with her, but no-one can really be sure.

With the recent events in Australia, Enyo appears to have a bit more enthusiasm for her job. Moreover, she seems uncnoncerned with the fact that calling your attacks is not always a good idea.  


Ice Strider Edit

The Pilot Edit

Ice Strider


Ice Strider

Handle Icebox
Real Name Harold (surname undisclosed)
Nationality United States
Occupation Student
Factions Armor Corps
Specialty Melee
Location Unknown


Ice Strider

  • Heavy
  • Variable: Bipedal/Predator
  • Dex: 4
  • Dur: 5
  • Pow: 10
  • Rec: 2
  • Spd: 5
  • Str: 6
  • Manual
  • Suit Status
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Floodlights
  • Sonar
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Defense Maze
  • Maneuvering Rockets
  • Sub-Armor Pistons
  • Capacitor
  • Kinetic Stabilizers
  • Tremorsense
  • Storage
  • Beam Sabres
  • Power Fists
  • Natural Weapons
Suit AI
  • None
  • Armor Plating
  • Battering Piston
  • None
  • None

Personality Edit

It could be said of the Ice Strider that he is mad. While not true, it would also not be entirely untrue - a manual suit with no AI and no ranged weapons seems like a madman's idea, after all. Of course, try telling this once-student that, and he'll just laugh. That's apparently the sort of person he is - doing what he does and refusing to acknowledge the very idea that it might be utterly absurd.

Appearance Edit

Standing at a good 5'8", Harold is, in all respects, an average New Englander in body. Nobody knows if he's from Massachusett, Rhode Island, or even Maine, but they can tell a lot about him from how he dresses. The heavy jeans and faux-fur-lined winter coat he lugs around, even in summer, speak of a man more like the creature his suit resembles than some are comfortable with.

Relations and Allies Edit

While he holds quite a bit of goodwill towards his comrades in Armor Corps, Harold is either neutral to or entirely ignorant of the other main factions.

The Suit Edit

The Numbers Edit

-Heavy [Dex 2, Dur 4, Pow 4, Rec 2, Spd 4, Str 4]

-Variable (Biped, Predator) [295 left]

-Biped [295 left]

-Predator [285 left] [Dex +1, Str +1]

-Natural Weapons (2 Tusks) [Free Predator]

-Tremorsense [270 left]

-Extra Limb (Trunk) [265 left]

-No A.I. [265 left]

-Manual UI [265 left]

-Suit Status [265 left]

-Advanced Suit Status [260 left]

-Floodlights [255 left]

-Radio Transmitter [255 left]

-Defense Maze [245 left]

-Sonar [235 left]

-Beam Sabre x2 [205 left] (Tusk upgrades)

-Power Fist x3 [160 left] (Trunk upgrade, two fists for Biped form, they turn into hooves when in Predator form)

-Light Shield x2 [150 left]

-Armour Plating (Shield Link) [+1 Dur]

-Environmental Controls [150 left]

-Environmental Controls II [140 left]

-Environmental Controls III [120 left]

-Sub-Armor Pistons [110 left] [+1 Str]

-Storage [110 left]

-Spare Energy Cell [70 left]

-Battering Piston (Heavy Shield x2) [50 left]

-Capacitor [30 left] [+6 Pow]

-Kinetic Stabilizers [20 left] [+1 Spd]

-Maneuvering Rockets [10 left] [+1 Dex]

-Emergency Evac [0 left]

-Final Base Stats: Dex 4, Dur 5, Pow 10, Rec 2, Spd 5, Str 6

The Design Edit

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