Eyes shooped
Name Eyes
Real Name Stephen Miller
Nationality American
Occupation Vagrant
Factions Safety Net, The Crusaders
Location Idaho
Bliss remake edition
Class Light
Interface Nerve Suit
  • Thermal Vision
  • Enhanced Vision
  • External Sensors
  • Communicator
  • WI-FI
Biology Progenitor Nanites
  • Tentacle
  • Sentient AI
  • Non-Lethal Set
  • EMP Cannon
  • Invisibility
  • Plasma Shield
  • Teleport
  • Flight

While Stephan cannot deny the benefits of the new suit of armor, it has turned his life upside down. Not surprising- from what he understands everyone who has encountered a pod is going through the same exact thing. After encountering one in the family backyard, nearby helicopters encouraged the young man to go ahead and input his choices. The surprise at his new form, and companion, turned to fright at the barrage of news stories regarding armed conflicts and the government crackdown. It would no longer be safe for him to stay home with his folks- so Stephen has left home, setting out for the less populated Rocky Mountains states. Supposedly the Safety Net can grant him and his AI, Brooke, a place to crash or work, both of which he would be grateful for. Once everything is sorted out Stephen plans on turning around and helping others in return.


Stephan has a strong sense of empathy and desires to help others- having been pretty down in his life on occasion, the man knows how much of a difference one person can make. With this in mind he tries to lay low as much as possible, minimizing the dangers that might be placed on friends, family, or allies. He is easy going and quiet, preferring to distance himself from conflicts or arguments. During periods of relative peace he will lounge about mostly nude, blast terrible electronic/industrial music, and dive the Internet.


While fairly average looking before, the Progenitor Nanites have done a number on Stephen. Now a slightly short, straight-limbed elf, he's not quite sure if he should be disgusted and alarmed or just roll with it. In addition to the more nubile form, his eyes are slightly larger and green, and slanted, almost like those of a Persian. Between the dark lashes, silly long ears, and black mop of hair, he's about as elf as you can get. He's gotten a few rings and small studs in each ear because why the hell not?

Suit InformationEdit

Stephen's suit is a lighter model of power armor. It has a helmet nearly made up of a single large plate with two pairs of optic units along the front. Much of the thing appears like framework with raised hydraulics and artificial muscles, though it does fully enclose him. Stephen has taken to wearing a thick hooded jacket along with the suit to try and be more inconspicuous. For the most part the armor is matte black or dark gray. Arm and leg mounted thrusters allow it to gain flight.

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