Handle Fracture
Real Name Royce Crowswood
Nationality American
Occupation Former college student, prior US Navy
Factions Hanse Berhorde
Location Roving; last seen exiting an emergency flight out of France
Seize (Stealth Loadout)
  • Medium
  • Drider
  • Dex: 6
  • Dur: 4
  • Pow: 4
  • Rec: 4
  • Spd: 5
  • Str: 3
  • Brainwave Harness
  • Standard & Advanced Suit Status
  • Thermal Vision
  • Radar
  • Radio
  • Defense Maze
  • Worm Platform
  • Spider Virus
  • Broadcast Integration System
  • Adhesion
  • Storage
  • Envionmental Control I
  • Collapsible I + II
  • Camouflage
  • Maneuvering Rockets
  • Kinetic Stabilizers
  • Minelayer
  • Power fist
  • Modified plasma webs
  • Suit control grenades
  • Crowd control grenades
Suit AI
  • Agent
  • Light Shield with Armor Plating link
  • Plasma Shield with Repulsor link
  • 4x Scanner Scout Drones (one Thermal, one Radar)
  • None

The PilotEdit


Since joining up with Hanse Berhorde shortly after the Operation: Minesweeper incident, Fracture has been notable mainly for strong professionalism and tactical thinking. This is a notable change from his previous, rather coarse behavior during and immediately after said incident.

Aside from the crudest general outline possible - flunked out of college, joined the Navy, left the Navy, and went back to college - he doesn't speak much about his history.


The pilot is a slightly short thirtysomething of blended Caucasian descent, with short, well-groomed black hair and a carefully trimmed beard. His face is not even slightly distinctive, seeming to be some sort of composite of all of the least memorable men you've ever seen.

He can generally be seen wearing a short-sleeved plaid shirt in neutral colors and slacks, though he has also been known to wear a fitted grey pinstripe suit fo formal business. His belt has a rather large, noticable, and almost Kamen-Rider-esque buckle.

Relations & AlliesEdit

The SuitEdit

Seize is a suit built on the idea that a fair fight is a fool's game. The suit's loadout comprises almost every single dirty trick in the book - between forcible hacking, a modified sensor suite, vast volumes of mines, the first recorded plasma-web system, cloaking, unconventional mobility, and sheer excessive speed, Seize's construction allows Fracture to wreak havoc while evading direct engagement.

For reasons unknown, Royce tends to modify Seize's structure regularly, cycling between a variant with four arms and four legs, a variant with two arms and six legs, and an almost fully spider-shaped variant. All retain the signature head, a right circular cylinder with five horizontal slits allowing sight for compound optics.

Suit CrunchEdit

Point total: 285 (+5 for pre-faction participation in Operation Minesweeper, +25 as a Hanse Berhorde employee, +40 for Relay part 2, +15 for Hardball)

Total roll modifiers: +/-5 to Tech, -10 to Dexy, -25 to Combat

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