"You're right Revelation, it's not about us. It's about never letting anyone fear loneliness on the battlefield. We all fall sooner or later,  but we swear to shoulder their pain and rise up together. Never forget that Revy, especially when I'm gone. " -Sonny

Registered Information
Pilot Dossier
Handle Genesis
Real Name Sonny "MedX" Stafford
Nationality Afro-Brazilian
Occupation GI Combat Medic & Systems Analyst
Factions Green Initiative Medical Division
  • Rapid Medical Response
  • Cyber Warfare & Counterintelligence
  • Aviation & Aquatic Combat
Location Bolívar, Venezuela

Genesis Armor MK1 & Revelation AI
  • Medium
  • Avian Aquatic Hybrid Biosuit
  • Dex: 3 (4 while underwater)
  • Dur: 2 (5 while blocking)
  • Pow: 4
  • Rec: 10
  • Spd: 8 (10 while flying)
  • Str: 3
  • Brainwave Harness
  • Suit Status, Adv. Suit Status, Hawkeye, Night Vision, Sonar
  • Radio, Terminal, Spider, Defence Maze, Spyware
  • Fins, Gills, Flight
  • Power Transfer
  • Medkit
  • Repair Gel
  • Repair Kit
  • Storage
  • Collapsable I
  • Uplifted AI
  • Magnetic Phaser
Suit AI
  • Engineer AI (Codename: Revelation, Revy for Short)
  • Bulwark of the Weak
  • NA (For Now)
  • None

The PilotEdit


Completed Missions:

[PACYOA] "Operation bullet hell" GM: Light Tim (15 PTS)

Personality Edit

Cheerful but also stern on those he's tasked to protect and mend. He seems to be cheerful and witty in combat but reserved when unsuited and awaiting orders at HQ. He tends to analyze people and problems in silence while trying to formulate ways of fixing/helping them out of their predicaments. While his stare can look intimidating or aloof, he's always listening and is ready to respond to your conversation.

Appearance Edit

At 6 feet 4 inches tall he's known more for his facial scars and slightly sardonic smirk in combat. He wears a white gaucho hat and a slightly tattered hooded white poncho adorned with the Green Initative Medical Division symbol on the back when not in combat. Otherwise he will don normal medic apparel when in medical operations.

Relations & AlliesEdit

NA at this time

The SuitEdit

The Genesis MK1 armor is a medium bipedal hybrid of avian and aquatic design. It's body resembles a cape gannet with the colorings of a red crested crane. This is shown by the body having a sleek design for divebombing into aquatic environments with a pronounced but hard beak to break the water upon impact. Upon submergence it's wings fold behind the pilot and accentuate fins similar to that of the exocoetidae family (flying fish). This allows for rapid movement underwater and can be used to breach the surface of the water to resume flight. Gills on each side of the suit's neck supply oxygen for long treks underwater. It is also equipped with sonar that it uses to scan and assess threats underwater or undetectable to visual senses (like invisible objects or extreme darkness).

Suit CrunchEdit

Name: Genesis

AI: Revelation

>Medium Suit

>Faction: Green Initiative Medical Division

>Body Types

Bio (190)

Hybrid (180)

Avian (170) Halved from 20 via Faction Perk

Aquatic (160) Halved from 20 via Faction Perk

Aero-Aquatic Biosuit





>Final Stats

Dex: 3 (4 when in water)

Dur: 2

Pow: 4

Recovery: 12

Speed: 8 (10 while flying)

Strength: 3

8 Actions per turn


Engineer (150)

>User Interface 

Brainwave Harness (140)


Suit Status (Free/140)

Hawkeye (free/140)

Sonar (Free/140)

Night Vision (Free/140)

Advanced Suit Status (135)


Radio Transmitter (Free/135)

Spider (130)

Terminal (120)

Defense Maze (110)

Spyware (105)


Magnetic Phaser (85)


Heavy Shield (75)

Plasma Shield (60)

Link-Type: Bulwark of the Weak


Collapsible (60)

Repair Gel (55)

Repair Kit (45)

Power Transfer (40)

Storage (Free/30)

Medkit (Free/30)

Uplift (20)

Environmental Controls III (0)



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