Pilot Edit

A diminutive man, with reddish brown hair and beard, His deep sunk eyes carry a look of brashness.

When the power armor first fell, the pilot of George, Michael lived with his wife, Sabra, in Toronto. He hid with her hoping to be safe, as his city was destroyed around him. Sabra was killed by a berserking tumblr armour while fleeing with Michael through the subway tunnels crisscrossing the city.

After losing his wife, Michael went north, to the forest's around Hudson's Bay, cursing his lot in life, and just trying to escape the turmoil enveloping his country. Adept at wilderness survival Michael lived in the woods for almost a year, when, one day when he was out foraging for materials he came upon a power armour pod. Covered in moss the pod still whirred to life as Michael aproached it.


After creating George, Michael decided to find out what was left of the world he left behind. What he fouond shocked him, the world lay in ruins. Michael began searching for remnants of human civilization, He found it, in the armor corp. A group that would give him a purpose.

George (Saint George) Edit

A dragon fortress type.

Michael created George to be a heavy hitter. To be something he was not. He hadn't been able to protect his friends and family...and especially his wife on drop day. He intends to not let anything like that happen again.

Large, heavily armored and with a wide array of weaponry George is meant to take damage as well as dish it out in any situation. George does not have many of the fancy add on's other suits have, instead, Michael created a very utilitarian suit, having only massive power and massive defense.

George is covered in a strange black metal that seems to partially absorb light, but has a distinct orange tubing filled with glowing liquid that runs down his neck, through his wings to his tail.



dex 1+1=2

dur 5

pow 5

rec 1

spd 3+1=4

str 5+3=8

body type- Dragon (inate tendancies: Flight, natural weapons, environmental controls II&III [160]

suit a.i.- soldier [150]

U.I.-manuel [150]

HUD- Suit status, advanced suit status [145]

Comms- radio, {145}

Weapons- T1- laser rifle, laser rifle, Flame thrower [115]

T2- Beam claws x2 [85]

T3- Rail rifle [65]

Upgrades- Capacitor, Kinetic stabilizers, maneuvering rockets, [25]

nanites-none [25]

after mission Kim Jong Steal +15

40 spare points spent on spare energy cell [0]

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