"What the fuck is going on here?"

- Eln, upon hearing the pod hit the ground



Handle Ghost Doctor
Real Name York "Banjo" Eln
Nationality American
Occupation Student
Factions Armor Corps
Specialty Long range combat
Location Houston area

Picture as soon as I draw it.[[File:|thumb|400px]]

  • Medium
  • Avian
  • Dex: 3
  • Dur: 2
  • Pow: 4
  • Rec: 4
  • Spd: 6
  • Str: 3
  • Nerve Suit
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Hawkeye
  • Nightvision
  • Sonar
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Terminal
  • Defense Maze
  • Flight
  • Collapsible I
  • Environmental Controls I,II,III
  • Camouflage
  • Wave Motion Gun
  • Pulse Rifle
Suit AI
  • None
  • Heavy Shield
  • Emergency Evac
  • EMP Shield
  • None
  • Hydra

The PilotEdit

Being a young student working on his Masters in Computer Science before the Suit-fall happened, York hadn't much combat experience. He was an avid gamer, his favorites among the classics of the Mechwarrior series. His small group of friends belonged to the internet, a collective bunch who shared time as a squad in Mechwarrior Online and in the roleplaying fun of Dungeons & Dragons. They never cared to know him by his real name, and only referred to him by his online handle, Ghost Doctor.

Personality Edit

Eccentric and a bit of an introvert, York is somewhat impulsive, being quick to make a choice and spending little time thinking about the consequences. Open-minded to an extent and almost willing to work with anyone, he prefers supporting the front line rather than being the front line.


Taller than most, the slim York doesn't have much of a bulky build. His eyes are colored a hue between blue and gray, with stray colored hair shaggy and a bit long. He usually wears a red and white Canadian jacket, despite the temperature being zero degrees or thirty.

Relations & AlliesEdit

None, really.

The SuitEdit

York named his suit Aegis for the purpose he had it designed for, to protect. Aegis is modeled after an angel, and gets its flight ability from two large pulse engines under it's metallic wings. It has two manipulators, capable of acting as hands. It's painted with a color scheme meant to match that of a cloudy sky, to better its camouflage in Aerial combat.

Suit CrunchEdit


>Avian Type

>No A.I.  (Balls to the wall, mate.)

>Nerve Suit >Suit Status, Flight, Hawkeye, Night Vision (All free), Sonar

>Radio Transmitter, Terminal, Defence Maze

>Wave Motion Gun, Pulse Rifle

>Heavy Shield, Emergency Evac, Emp Shield

>Collapisble I, Environmental Controls I,II,II, Camouflage


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