"The Regenerator" Medium Suit Dex: 5 Durability: 2 (8 due to dual layer Plasma Shields) Power: 4 Recovery: 9 (18 when firing or under fire) Speed: 4 Strength: 2

Body Type: Bio (10 points) Drider (20 points) (4 arms, 4 legs)

Features: Adhesion (Free) Tremorsense (Free)

Suit AI: Engineer (10 Points)

User Interface Brainwave Harness (10 Points)

HUD: Advanced Suit Status (5 points) Sonar (10 points)

Comms: Defense Maze (10 points) Terminal (10 points)

Weapons: Wave Motion Gun (20 points) Ion Cannon (15 points)

Defences: Plasma Shield (15 points) Plasma Shield (15 points) Plasma Shield (15 points) Emergency Evac (10 points) Scrambler (10 points)

Upgrades: Cyber Brain (10 points) Memory Palace (5 points)

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