Graboid Knight crunch Edit

Graboid Heavy 250 Edit

Dex 2 Edit

Dur 5 Edit

Pow 10 Edit

Rec 2 Edit

Spe 4 Edit

Str 6 Edit



X3 Tentacles 220 Edit

X2 Natural weapons (One free) 210 Edit

Solider AI 200 Edit

Brainwave harness 190 Edit

X2 Power fists 160 Edit

Point barrier 130 Edit

Cyber brain 120 Edit

Martial Arts 115 Edit

Veteran soul 110 Edit

Maneuvering rockets 100 Edit

Sub armor pistons 90 Edit

Capacitor 70 Edit

Repulsor Shield 50 Edit

EMP shield 40 Edit

X3 suit control 25 Edit

Defense maze 20 Edit

WMG 0 Edit

More will come when I find a real reason to make this char. Edit

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