The lost Giant Edit

Personality Edit

A mans man who is manly. There is no need to Run from a fight when there is the option to fight. and when the option to fight is there. Win with overwhelming firepower,

Working as a firefighter before the disaster that was all this robot business Grift Chose the Biggest Most well armed and armored Powered Armor he could find working in a role of long rang fire support and close range drones to take down enemies with big guns or overwhelming numbers. And he liked it! It was fun to face down the odds and come out on top. Now he lives for the thrill of a mission accomplished and job well done

Appearance Edit

Grift is a stocky man who stands a just under six and a half feet tall. He has burns all down the right side of his face and likes to stay out of the public eye out side of his suit. Other then his height and his scarring he has blonde hair and green eyes. He keeps him self clean shaved due to the fact that he only grows hair on the left half of his face and keeps him from growing the beard he always wanted. He wears a red cap pulled low over his face when he dose go out in public in order to hide the burns that draw unwanted stares and grubby little children pointed fingers.

Giant Edit

Suit Appearance Edit

The Suit is a fortress Class Monster of a suit that Seems to have been grown rather then built. And as such it is covered in a rock hard exoskeleton that is used to block out interference from the outside. It is a tan color that seems to become lighter or darker depending on the mood of the operator as if anger and agitation causes the suit it self to flush red as well as other emotions cause it to pale.


Grift Barker

Handle Giant
Real Name N/A
Nationality USA
Occupation Firefighter
Factions N/A
Location Unknown

"The Giant"

  • Fortress
  • Bio
  • Tank
  • Dex 2
  • Dur 5
  • Power 11
  • Recovery 5
  • Speed 4
  • Str 5
  • Tremor sense
  • Implant
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Floodlights
  • Thermal
  • Optical Trans
  • Defense Maze
  • Comm Buoy
  • Capacitor
  • Engineer AI
  • Light x 2 with Flame throwers and Machine Guns
  • Med x 2 with particle Beams
  • Heavy x 4 With Auto Cannons and Defender Upgrades
  • Missile Launcher, Auto Cannon
  • Radar or heat
  • Defense Drones
  • Treds


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