Joseph Hammer, believed to be a false name according to INTERPOL, the CIA, NSA and other federal and intelligence agencies, is an unknown individual who has a series of fake identities and seems adept at changing his nationality and accent on a whim. Going from one battlefield to another, Hammer seems to have links to an unknown network of pilots, all of whom seemingly engage in random and brutal attacks for no apparent motive.


Handle Hammer
Real Name Joseph 'Jason' Hammer
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Wanderer, Mercenary
Factions Unaffiliated
Location Varies
The Brute
The Brute

The Brute, about to engage in combat operations in the Sudan.

  • Heavy
  • Bipedal
  • Experimental Armour
  • Uptime/Downtime: 22/2
  • PR: 10
  • AV: 10 (+2 AV Front/Right Side)
  • Lift: 1735.5 Kg
  • Height: 2.7 Meters
  • Weight: 554.35 Kg
  • Mobility: 37.5 Kmh
  • Air supply: 4h
  • Spinal Implant
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Radar
  • Vocal
  • 12.7mm Heavy Machinegun
  • 14.5mm Minigun
  • 25mm GMG
  • Missile Launcher
  • 2x Heavy Impact Hammers
  • Flares
  • Pressure Shielding
  • Self-Repair 2
  • Thrusters
  • Assisted Targetting
  • Full-Range Accurate Motion

UNISSO PIlot Report: Joseph 'Jason' HammerEdit

The few meetings with 'Jason' have all marked one thing as common. Joseph Hammer, if that is his real name, is a man who seems to have a great deal wrong with him mentally. His constant switching of languages, assumed nationality, and accent all show a man with some form of disassociative personality disorder, but his skill in combat shows a man who not only possesses incredible combat training but is very experienced in his suit.

The UNISSO has shown Hammer to be quite brutal in combat, favouring getting in close to attack targets in close combat, using his guns within the fury of melee.

Independant reports also reveal links to the infamous Gundog, whose pilot vanished in the Crimea, and several other pilots. The nature of the links shows that they all engage in the same brutal, seemingly random attacks, before vanishing after selling highly sensitive and politically damaging information that incites civil unrest and chaos.

The source of this information, and how it links to the other pilots in this suspected, unknown network of political and civil agitators, is still under investigation, but with the vanishing of Gideon020 and thusly the loss of the only individual with high-level information of the network, progress has been slowed significantly until he reappears.

UNISSO Suit Evaluation: The BruteEdit

The Brute is clearly made for close-combat, armed with a small amount of weaponry, focused around a pair of extremely powerful impact hammers, able to punch through a man and crush armour with contemptuous ease while using high-mobility systems and thrusters to dart in and out to repair and harass at range with his closer-ranged weapons.

These additional armaments come in the form of a 12.7mm Heavy Machinegun turret in the chest, a 14.5mm Minigun and a 25mm grenade machinegun along with a missile launcher for anti-armour and anti-air work.

The Brute, as it is known, is a dangerous opponent, but clearly made to get in close and fight in melee, hammering away at the opposition and keeping them focused on it.

While dangerous, it's minimal armament does mean that it can be easily dealt with with coordinated tactics.