"We are many." -Hive Mind

Hive Mind


Avatar drone
Handle Hive Mind
Real Name Unknown
Nationality German
Occupation Freelance

Safety net, German


Specialty Ranged combat

South east United 


Suit Name: God emperor
  • fortress
  • Bio-Tauric
  • Dex: 1
  • Dur: 4
  • Pow: 5
  • Rec: 5
  • Spd: 4
  • Str: 6
  • Brain Harness
  • Night vision
  • Radio transmitter
  • Tremorsence
  • Cyber Brain
  • Veteran Soul
  • Laser rifle
  • Revolver
  • Plasma bow
  • Railgun
Suit AI
  • none
  • heavy shield
  • 6 scouts
  • 5 scavengers
  • 1 avatar
  • Mycelium II

Hive MindEdit

Personality Edit

Hive Mind, real name currently unknown, is a pilot that appeared durring the early days of the pods dropping. He is known for his rather standoffish attitude and the strange may he refers to himself in the plural. He is also known for his bravery and leadership in battle, and renownd for keeping a level head in even the most difficult of situations.

Appearance Edit

It is unknown what his real appearance is, but the avatar that he uses to interact with people is 5'9'', around 150lbs, and on the thin side.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Despite his standoffish attitude to those who don't know him or work under him directly, Hive Mind is known to grow rather attached to his team and always feels responsible for those who get hurt or killed under his watch.

He is roaming around the south east of the united states, helping with the local militia forces and local safety net cells. He had a history with the German military, as he hails from Germany, but after an event, which he refuses to speak about, he left his home country and made his way to the states with the help of some other renegades.

The SuitEdit

The suit he pilots is a Biotauric fortress, which, despite its immense size, has an odd grace about it, some relate this to the awe inspiring visage of an elephant walking the planes, noble and proud. 

Also, in stark contrast to the average biomech, Hive Mind;s suit is covered in armour. The suits name, God Emperor, was given in reference to the dune series, or more specifically God emperor Leto, the emperor who encased himself in a living armour to make himself immortal.

Suit CrunchEdit

Class: Fortress

Stats; Dex: 1 Dur: 4 Pow: 5 Rec: 5 Spd: 4 Str: 6

Body Type: Bio, Tauric

Features: Tremorsence

AI: n/a

User Interface: Brainware Harness

HUD: suit status, night vision

Comm: Radio transmitter

Weapons: Laser rifle, revolver, plasma bow, railgun.

Defenses: heavy shield

Drones: Scout x6 scavenger x5, and an avatar

Upgrades: cyber brain, veteran soul.

Nanites: mycelium II

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