"Didya see the way that one blew up? Hell yeah, I'm recording this!"

T.J. Hoffman
Tj hoffman
Handle Folly
Real Name T.J. Hoffman
Nationality U.S.A.
Occupation Sailor, amateur stunt driver
Factions Armored Corps
Specialty Multipurpose Assault
Location Papeete, Tahiti
Hoffman's Folly
  • Medium
  • Tank: 10 (10/200)
  • Dex: 4
  • Dur: 5 (+3 when Blocking)
  • Pow: 6
  • Rec: 4
  • Spd: 6 (+1 over Even Ground)
  • Str: 5
  • Manual(FREE)
  • Advanced Suit Status: 5, Hawkeye: 5, Sonar: 10 (25/200)
  • Radio Transmitter (FREE)
  • Tremorsense: 10, Gills: 5, Adhesion: 10 (50/200)
  • Kinetic Stabilizers: 10, Sub Armor Pistons: 10, Maneuvering Rockets: 10, Armor Plating:10 Storage: 0, Collapsible I: 5, CapacitorI: 10, EC II: 10, Medkit: 0 (115/200)
  • Impact Knuckles: 10, Rocket Pods: 20, Rail Rifle: 20, (165/200)
Suit AI
  • Soldier: 10 (175/200)
  • Plasma Shield:15, (200/200)
  • None
  • None

The PilotEdit

T.J. Hoffman, formerly of Lewiston, Idaho

Personality Edit

Growing up in a fairly rural area, T.J. gained a love for fast-paced vehicular activities Whether it was racing dirt bikes and ATVs through canyons and hills, or kayaking the strong currents of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers, his group of friends became adept at navigating difficult terrain with little regard to their own safety. This thirst for adventure led T.J. to sign on with one of the cargo ships that made the trek inland to Lewiston. He’s traveled across the Pacific since then, drinking, gambling, and racing in every port from San Diego to Shanghai.

He often tries to appear calm and aloof, but his easily excitable nature often gets the better of him. Quick with a smile, always willing to share a drink with a stranger, he makes friends easily almost everywhere he goes.

Appearance Edit

He stands 5’10” and weighs ~170 lbs. He keeps his black hair in a short mullet and sports a neatly trimmed goatee. He likes to claim he gets his dark complexion and brown eyes from Native American blood, but it’s actually from his Portuguese Grandmother.

Relations & AlliesEdit

His childhood buddy, Earl, who pilots a flying Heavy named White Lightning.

The SuitEdit

Suit CrunchEdit

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