Pilot Appearnce
Basic Pilot Info
Handle Jackie
Real Name Oliver Brooks
Nationality Claims Jackalien.
Occupation False-facer or What's permitted by Mission
Factions Royal Aerostatical Navy
Location In Mission Area
Suit Specifications(Mechanon Wyvern Alt update)
  • Jack Cloudie
  • Light
  • Variable(Drider+Avian)
  • DEX:4(+2 drider)
  • DUR:2(-1 avain)
  • POW:2
  • REC:4
  • SPD:2(+2 avian)
  • STR:2(-1 drider)
  • Nerve suit
  • SS, Hawkeye, Thermal Vision
  • Drider: Adhesion, Tremorsense
  • Avian: Flight
  • Radio Trans, Terminal
  • Soldier
  • Scout x1
  • Wave-motion Gun
  • Beam Sabre
  • Collapsible(II)[Backpack]
  • Storage
  • Camouflage
  • Kinetic Stabilizers
  • Emergency Evac
  • Canvas(II)
  • Hydra

The PilotEdit


Kind, Outgoing, Charming, Hardworking. and humble. In short, the opposite of the more well known, and less visible R.A.N. member, Jack Cloudie. With his frequent field work, Oliver is more often than not among others, moving about in cities, and interacting with society, though he regularly returns to The Iron Partridge to check in on Jack as well as to give and receive mission information. Before Suitfall, Oliver was a party-goer and hardworker, gamer and /fit/guy.


Before Suitfall his appearance was singular, after with the Canvas Nanites coursing through his system, he never maintains the same apperance for more than a month. Given his ocupation as a False-facer, he fits into new roles often, looking for new information about potential enemies and missions.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Other than those of the R.A.N. no ther allies are known

The Iron Partridge: childhood friend

Suit DataEdit

Suit CrunchEdit

Based on the Idea of blow a grenade up in his face while holding him down, Oliver makes use of his suit to get in his enemies face, and deal as much damage as possible with one overloaded shot of his Wave-Motion Gun. This is quite easily achieved with the use of Camouflage and the combined mobility that the Drider, and Avian forms allow him. Quickly flying into range, changing to drider, and locating his target, before lying in wait, and obliterating them it on, well timed shot. Thanks to this molbity and a Scout drone, he is also able to preform detaield recon, as well as further increase The Iron Partridge's accuracy. If things ever get too hot to handle, he can  Celetiry or Emer Evac out to safety, or back to the  Partridge.

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