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Character Information
Allias: Hyacinth
Real Name:

Giles Yorkman (at your service)

Species: Human (Presumed)
Nationality: British
Occupation: UNAP Field Liaison


Status: Alive


A middle-aged British man who delights in acting as stereotypically gentlemanly as possible, Giles was once a low-ranking Parliament worker entertaining ideas of one day making his way into a position capable of making "real decisions". During the Arrival, he attained the Armor Hyacinth and a new perspective on life, swearing to use his Armor for the absolute best interest of humanity. He joined with UNAC immediately after its creation, where his dedication to the UN cause saw him promoted to one of the faction's most trusted assets.


Giles consciously aims to present the most tea-sippingly British image as possible. He claims to do it simply because the reactions he gets for it amuse him, but he seems to have a genuinely helpful and friendly personality even past the gentleman's mask. Likewise, his dedication to his superiors and their rule of law is also as honest as presented. This does not mean that he does not question his orders, but that his fixation with understanding the bigger picture of things often leads him to over-analyze situations in such a way that all but the most nonsensical of tasks can be interpreted to serving some greater goal. He dislikes being questioned about serious topics, switching very quickly from whimsical to stern, especially concerning subjects having to do with Armor, UNAC and his role within it.


The capabilities of Gile's Armor have yet to be displayed, though it can be said for certain that is is a Heavy-class Armor capable of flight. It appears to primarily attack using a type of Railgun.

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