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Call me 'pot head' one more time, see what happens!


The call center worker, the woman who became Imp left her life and dead end job behind when a pod crash landed in her office, killing many of her co-workers. Unfazed she approached the pod and soon she had herself a suit. 

For along time she ran, doing what ever she wanted, not caring for others. That was until she had a run in with some rather nasty outer haven pilots who where keen to see her pay them for all the 'substances' she had bought from them, on credit of cource. 

After she had dealt with that problem she had succesfuly incured the wrath of an entire mecrenary army. Something that even she did not take lightly. She now works for safety net and any work she can get to pay off the det and keep the blood thirsty mercs off her back.


Imp's suit is mesh class, mainly suited to stealth, espionage and assassination if needed. It's matte black finish allows it to blend seamlessly into the shadows.  

Imp uses wave motion gun, a weapon most say should belong on a much heavier suit and one she is very proud of, to destroy foes at close range. Her light and fast suit allows her to close the gap and get in optimal range undetected. When needed she can cut her way out with her curved falchion or make use of any other conventional weapon she can lay her hands on. 


Suit Name
Real Name
American asian
  • Search and rescue
Buchanan, (Liberia, west Africa)
Variant Info
  • Biped
  • Spinal 
  • Thrusters
  • Adhesion
  • Invisiblity

  • Inflitrator
  • ​Self repair_1
  • Pressure shielding
  • Temperature resistance_1
  • Thermal 
  • X-ray
  • External sensors
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hydra nanites
  • Tentacle
  • Collasable 
  • Dummy AI
  • Pigdeon
  • Lv2 ballistics
  • Proximity mine launcher
  • Cutting blade lv5
  • Target lock

Imp has tanned skin and shining blue eyes. Her short hair ends in blonde highlights. She stands 5'5 in height and is aged 24. 


Foul mouthed and patriotic, Imp is an adrenalin junkie always out for her next fix, living life to the fullest until her very last breath. Imp cares not for the workings of others provided they stay out of her way. 

Relationships/ AlliesEdit

Imp is normally solitary preferring not to share any of her glory with others but has been seen more and more with a suit pilot by the name of Sentinel. However she hates the idea of being tied to anyone person. 

She is a member of The first sons

Current informationEdit

Imp was last seen in Buchanan, Liberia.

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