The PilotEdit

Gavin Malkin
Handle N/A
Real Name Gavin Malkin
Nationality American Coalition
Occupation Lynx
Factions Phoenix Collective
Rank N/A
Specialty Berserker
Location Guest at Armor Corps HQ, NZ
Intersect Thunderbolt
  • PCHS-AI55/5
  • Heavy
  • Amphibious Armored Dragon/Insect Hybrid Mount
  • DEX: 1
  • DUR: 7
  • POW: 4
  • REC: 8
  • SPD: 8
  • STR: 10
  • Manual
  • Suit status
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Hawkeye
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Flight
  • Fins
  • Gills
  • Capacitor I
  • Capacitor II
  • Storage
  • Jump Jets
  • Kinetic Stabilizers
  • Sub-armor Pistons
  • Solar Panels
  • Photosynthetic Augment
  • Environmental Controls
  • Environmental Controls II
  • Environmental Controls III
  • Gator Tooth (Natural Weapon)
  • Gator Tooth (Natural Weapon)
  • Gator Tooth
  • Flamethrower
  • Flamethrower
Suit AI
  • Soldier
  • Berskerer
250 / 276

After the Suitfall, Gav took up fighting around the American countryside, hearing the call to arms from Armor Corps in 2014, but ignoring it and writing the group off as doomed to fail. Two years later, that same group he had initially laughed off did actually wind up saving the world, and all his own struggles up to that time turned out to have had been largely pointless. He joined the Coalition afterwards through his existing contract with the Phoenix Collective during the lull that followed Operation Unity, looking to make up for wasted time by taking out whatever fight the enemy had left in them.

His history before the Suitfall is undocumented and probably not very interesting.

Personality Edit

Although much more collected outside of his suit than in it, he possesses an aggressive and abrasive personality and dislikes relying on others, insisting on fighting without support from allies unless absolutely necessary. He values his independence and constantly reminds everyone of his mercenary outsider status, even though it seems the only jobs he takes nowadays come from Armor Corps, and he's become a regular sight at the New Zealand base.

He's voiced a mistrust of AI in the past and appears to think lowly of individuals with cyberbrains for reasons never really elaborated on. As this encompasses a significant percentage of well-liked AC and TE members, as well as the Coalition as a whole, this has done little to improve his popularity with his hosts.

Appearance Edit

A young man with short black hair and dark eyes. He is most often seen wearing a g-suit and scarf. Presumably, he owns normal clothes, but his tendency to not stick around the other pilots between sorties means he's yet to be seen wearing anything else.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Amanda Kelly (Clownfish): The only other member of the American Coalition currently present in New Zealand, as well as a fellow member of the Phoenix Collective. Its safe to assume they would know each other in some fashion.
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The SuitEdit

Intersect Thunderbolt is a Heavy-class "power armor", though truthfully it is a mecha due to having a cockpit and independently powered limbs.

His time among Armor Corps has given the pilot access to TE expertise and resources, allowing for the suit to be further enhanced since its creation. The already heavy-set suit has had its frame completely replaced with a heavier, stronger endoskeleton that requires less supplemental plating and can deliver physical strikes with roughly twice the impact force than before. The tradeoff for this comes in a noticeable decrease in overall speed, though the suit is still capable of moving very fast through the air, as well as now through sea and even space, and can push itself to its former cruising speed in short bursts thanks to the overboost system it retains from its previous iteration.

In addition, the suit possesses a rudimentary AI to help maintain posture and coordination, as the machine's handling has remained incredibly poor despite the refitting, to the point where it would likely be impossible to pilot effectively without its subtle assistance. However, the AI is not a conversation piece, merely a highly complex program. The pilot has flatly refused anything more advanced, citing disgust with the "wAIfu phenomenon" pervasive throughout AC ranks.

The change in the suit's equipment has allowed for change in tactics as well, with less focus on"hit-and-run" and more "hit-and-hit" instead. The removal of the superheated blades formerly used as a primary means of attack have also removed the suit's operational limit, allowing for it to engage in extended combat wholesale. That the grinders it has replaced these weapons with work best with consistent attack fits well with the pilot's offensive attitude; the suit will hurl itself into the nearest enemy at breakneck speed and tear into it with grinding teeth until nothing is left, before moving onto the next target.

Although seldom used, the retrofitting of the outer frame to the newer inner frame has allowed for the modification of the thermal conductors that heated the now-absent blades in each arm into simple but powerful cutting torches, which can easily be tuned to throw flame over a wide area.

Suit CrunchEdit

AA per turn: 6
Harden Generates a spherical shield that doubles DUR for 1 minute. Can be detonated as an EMP. 6 minute cooldown.
Charged Shot Use 2 ammo and 2 Advanced Actions to deal +3 damage and double hit effects for a single shot. Does not work with melee weapons.
Gattai Can combine with up to three other suits same size or smaller. All stats are added together for 1.5 minutes. 30 minute cooldown.
Flight Speed increases by 2 when flying
Soldier AI -10 to all DEX rolls, +10 to all COM rolls
Jump Jets Immediately enter melee range from within 2 turns worth of moment distance.
Overboost Increase SPEED by 2 for one turn. SPEED cap is increased to 18 max. 3 turn cooldown.
Berserker Nanites May activate for -10 bonus to DEX, +10 bonus to COM, +/-10 penalty to TECH for up to 4 turns. Every instance activated afterwards while on a mission decreases the effect's duration by 1 turn.
Grind Damage of Gator Teeth increases by +1 for every successive attack and decreased by -1 for every turn not used to attack.
Burn Target's DUR is reduced by 1
Faction Phoenix Collective - Lynx
Faction Perks -10 DEX bonus, all Black Market items cost 4/5 their original price (rounding down to a multiple of 5)
Faction Flaws +/-10 TECH penalty

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