Basic Pilot Info
Handle Cloudie
Real Name Jack Keats
Nationality Claims Jackalien.
Occupation Orbital Support
Factions Royal Aerostatical Navy

In Geosynchronous Orbit,

215km above any given location

Suit Specifications(Mechanon Wyvern Alt update)
  • The Iron Partridge
  • Fortress
  • Bio+Overlord
  • DEX:1
  • DUR:5(-1)
  • POW:5(+10,+10)
  • REC:1(+4)
  • SPD:3
  • STR:5
  • Brain Harness
  • SS, Hawkeye
  • Levitation
  • Flight
  • Radio Trans, Terminal
  • Engineer +Uplift
  • Paladin Light(Laser Rifle,Grenade Launcher)x4
  • Dragoon Light(Machine Gun, Flamethrower)x2
  • Rail Riflex2
  • Enviro Con I, II, & III
  • Capacitor
  • N/A
  • Mcyelium

The PilotEdit


Rude, reserved, sarcatic, calculating, lazy, and arrogant;  to say he has a God complex, would be a disservice to any self-respecting deity. In all likelyhood, this complex stems from his ability to literally, reach out and "touch" someone either with his Rail Rifle, or his multitude of drones. With his approach to combat, he hopes it will quell any hatred, or anger that might otherwise be directed at him, whether this works or not is not quite known, given any target has either been obliterated, or was left alone due to conflicting orders. Before Suitfall, he was just another NEET looking to live his life through his games, wishing that something would fall in his lap, or backyard as it were, and change his life for better or worse.


Though his basic appearance is known, Brown-black hair, Blue-green eyes, bearded face, 5'11", stocky build, very few have seen him outside of his suit. Given the continuous uptime and the Mcyelium nanites, he rarely comes out of orbit to interact with people apart from the other members of the R.A.N. It is heard from said members that his attire normally consists of just a pair of shorts, just pajama pants, a hoodie and shorts or pajama pants, or nothing at all.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Other than those of the R.A.N., no other allies are known.

Hood-o'-the-marsh: childhood friends

Suit DataEdit

Suit CrunchEdit

With a continuous uptime,  massive range, a suite of drones for defensive, offensive, and mechanical needs, The Iron Partridge, is easily classified as an Orbital Bombardment Satelitte. Using the Siege Mode of his Fortress class suit, Cloudie maintains geosynchronous orbit above the mission area to provide cover fire, and High Priority Target Elimination for his other R.A.N. members, as well as having his A.I. manage and control his drones, allowing him to focus solely on placing, and firing his shots. His two Dragoon drones always remain n orbit, protecting his suit from enemies while all Paladin drones will protect, assist and provide minor artillery support for any ally within the mission area.

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