"I plan for the worst and hope for the best.."


Jack Oliver
Handle Jack-O
Real Name Jack Oliver
Nationality American
Factions Armor Corps
Specialty Regenerating Fighter
Suit Name
  • Medium
  • Biped
  • Dex: 3
  • Dur: 3
  • Pow: 10
  • Rec: 8
  • Spd: 4
  • Str: 3
  • Nerve Suit (5)
  • Suit Status (0)
  • Radio Transmitter (0)
  • Terminal (10)
  • Extra Arm x2 (10)
  • Beam Sabre x2 (30)
  • Metalstorm x2 (40)
Suit AI
  • Uplift Soldier AI (20)
  • Battering Piston (20)
  • Armor Plating (10)
  • Hydra

The PilotEdit

Personality Edit

When his hometown was destroyed, he and his friends hid in the ruins from the Vannai and waited till the invaders cleared out before leaving. Starving, weak, and dehydrated, the group split up to acquire materials. While the others found food, water, weapons, and medicine, Jack found a pod. As much as he knew his friends needed him, he knew that the suit's potential would be wasted if it wasn't being used to fight the bastards that did this.

Jack Oliver is a man with a blunt tongue but a well-meaning heart. Even in situations where brutal honesty would be the worst option, brutal honesty is often the only option. Formality is often a second thought and casual speech is used at all times, whether it be friends, enemies, or superiors.

While he will insult his friends on a regular basis, he only ever does it with those that are close to him. Some might get the wrong idea, but they'll quickly learn.

Appearance Edit

5'10", 210 pounds, mostly muscle. Short brown hair, full beard, and when wearing casual clothing, his hairy arms, legs, and chest are apparent. His eyebrows are thick and low, his eyes are almond-shaped and squinty. He's got strong arms and a solid frame.

Relations & AlliesEdit

The SuitEdit

The suit, Kali, is named after the four-armed Hindu goddess of Time, Change, Power and Destruction. It's black and shines with a neon green trim. In the top two arms, two plasma swords are held, and in the bottom two, protectorate shields. The suit itself isn't sturdy, but it has high amounts of power and speed and fights as such- Its sole purpose is to unleash a flurry of attacks, get knocked down, and regenerate fast enough to stand right back up.

It folds to a pair of forearm-length bracers.

Suit CrunchEdit

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