Handle Juego
Real Name N/A
Nationality American
Occupation Student
Factions Armor Corps
Location N/A
Designation "Chaika"
  • DEX: 4
  • DUR: 6
  • POW: 10
  • REC: 2
  • SPD: 5
  • STR: 4
Armor/ Body Type Heavy Tank
Role Frontline Brawler
  • Skates
AI System Soldier AI
User Interface System Brainwave Harness
HUD Systems
  • Suit Status Suite
  • Advanced Suit Status Suite
  • Radar
Communications Systems
  • Radio Transmitter
Weapons Systems
  • Right Arm mounted Quad Particle Beam Array
  • Right Torso mounted Rocket Pods
Defensive Systems
  • Plasma Shield
  • Point Barrier System
  • Light Shield
  • Armor Plating
Miscellaneous Upgrades
  • Basic Environmental Control Suite
  • Environmental Control Suite II
  • Capacitor Upgrade
  • Maneuvering Rockets
  • Cybernetic Brain Implants

The PilotEdit

Mexican-American fat kid who just happened to have been "chosen" to pilot a Mechanized suit into battle.

The suit, which is a borderline mech, mirrors the pilot's preferences: be able to take a beating, and still dish out a vicious strike.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Affiliated with the Armor Corps. Participated in Operation Minesweeper, receiving only superficial damage, the first run of this suit was considered a success, more or less.

The SuitEdit

The suit, designated "Chaika", is equipped with a variable structure and is able to reconfigure locomotion and armor systems on the fly to adapt to battlefield conditions. This enables the suit to survive and power through situations that would neutralize other similarly classed suits. After this suit's first combat run in Operation Minesweeper, combat data allowed for modifications to be made to this suit, namely the removal of the machine gun and plasma rifle, and the reconfiguration of the particle beam into a Quad Particle Beam Array on the right arm, replacing the plasma rifle.

Suit CrunchEdit

Armor Corps Heavy Tank 10

Harden spherical double dur shield one min detonate for emp bull rush gattai


6 actions per turn

Dex 4

Dur 6

Pow 10

Rec 2

Spd 5

Str 4


Soldier AI 10 -10 dexrolls +10 combat

Brainwave Harness 10

Advanced Suit Status 5

Radar 10

Radio Transmitter

Particle Beam 15 +16 combat 16 6dmg 2true

Particle Beam 15 +16 combat 16 6dmg 2true

Particle Beam 15 +16 combat 16 6dmg 2true

Particle Beam 15 +16 combat 16 6dmg 2true

Rocket Pod 20 +12 AC +5 FR 17 8dmg

Plasma Shield 15 +3 dur to block

Plasma Shield 15 -> Point Barrier negate attack

Light Shield 5 +1 dur to block

Light Shield 5 -> Armor Plating +1 Dur

Enviro Controls II 10

Capacitor 20

Cyberbrain 10

Maneuvering Rockets 10


Notes and related scribblings

Using PACYOA TE ruleset

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