Knife head

Knife head and a marine moments before the latter's dead

Any last words, it would be nice if they where meaningful 

History Edit

Knife Head was one of the first symbiotes to be captured by any governments. Unfortuantly he was taken by the South African government. The rest of the world had no idea that the South African government had obtained a Symbiote and Knife Head was ruthlessly experimented on he managed to break free. 

He cut a swathe through the sceintists untill he finally found a hiding place in Buhcanna, where he was proplty discovered by a detachment of particually xenophobic suit pilots. He was half way through dispatching them when the First sons arrived just in time to save the remaining pilots from the murderous bio-morph. 

After that the First sons managed to calm Knife head and bartered a deal with him. He now aids them in their efforts in Buhcanna in return for future safety.


Often silent save for the odd comment, this recluse rarely lets any of his feelings show. He can fly into made rages unprovoked after remaning calm for days. However he gives exellent advice and is a great tactition, further feeding the belife he was a captin in an African army of a tribe cheiftan.

Suit Edit

Knife head
Handle Knife head
Real Name [unknown]
Nationality [unknown presumed Africa]
Occupation N/A

The First sons [affiliated]

Location Buchanan, (Liberia, west africa)
Suit Name
  • Heavy
  • Soldier
  • Brain upgrade 
  • Olfactory upgrade
  • Night vision
  • Telepathy
Limbs (extra)
  • Tentecal (tail) extra reach
  • Gullet
  • Electroylsis lung
  • Exoblade (tail mount) sting & detatch
  • Jaws
  • Venom gland (paralysis)
  • Mental assualt
  • Regeration 
  • Chitin upgarde 3
  • N/A

Being a symbiote, Knife heads suit is made of living tissuie, however during his time captive his body was fused with several peices of compostie armour plating and other peices of machinery designed to control him.

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