Full Suit


Location Assessment, Nonlethal

Control & Emergency Response

Real Name Mirko Vadravek
Nationality Croatian
Occupation Biochemist
Factions Thunderbird Mail Service

(Asset Recovery Subcontracts)

Brinkers (Consultant)

Location Kent, England
  • Heavy
  • Drider
Suit Features
  • Burrowing
User Interface
  • Brainwave Harness
A.I Type
  • Soldier
  • Suit Status
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Comm Relay Buoys
  • Defense Maze
  • 12 Scandium Tendrils
  • Anesthetic Dart Ballistics
  • EMP Thrown Charges
  • Disorientation Grenades
  • Respiratory Irritant Grenades
  • HF Passive Auditory Sonar
  • LF Vibration Detection
  • PTFE Armor
  • Cadmium-Telluride Hull
  • Temperature Resistance 1
  • Plasma Shield
  • Self-Repair 1
  • Gyroscopic Kinetics
  • Six Omnipedal Limbs
  • Two Stabilizer Limbs
  • Adhesive Secretion

The PilotEdit



Relations & AlliesEdit


The SuitEdit

For a Heavy Class suit, the L.A.N.C.E.R. is designed to be particularly agile and quick while retaining a high level of defense. It lacks the raw strength and has an extremely niche weapons loadout compared to other suits in its class: all of it's weaponry is primarily designed to subdue, rather than kill or destroy. In aggregate, this makes the suit designed particularly for rapid response situations. It moves quickly into mission areas, locates priority targets for extraction, subdues hostile targets as needed, and extracts the payload under the cover of it's defenses. Additionally, the almost exclusively nonlethal armaments make this suit ideal for handling civilian and noncombatant presences; this allows it to double as a riot control and crowd control unit.


Harden: May generate a harden shield around self at double durability for up to 10 minutes. May be detonated to generate an EMP. 1 hour cooldown

Bull Rush: Rerouting power to put suit at maximum speed for up to 3 seconds. 6 minute cooldown.

Gattai: Suit can combine with up to 3 other suits, adding stat levels together for 30 minutes. Harden extends to all connected suits. 24 hour cooldown.

Suit CrunchEdit

Class: Heavy

Body Type: Drider

Features: Adhesion, Tentacles (12), Tremorsense

Suit A.I.: Soldier

User Interface: Brainwave Harness

HUD: Suit Status, Advanced Suit Status, Sonar

COMMs: Radio Transmitter, Comm Buoy, Defense Maze

Weapons: Tranquilizer Darts, Suit Control, Crowd Control, Ion Cannon, Power Fist

Defenses: Plasma Shield

Drones: N/A

Upgrades: Environmental Controls, Cyber Brain, Capacitor, Veteran Soul, Kinetic Stabilizers

Nanites: Hydra I, Hydra II


DEX: 4

DUR: 4 [7]

  • +3 vs blocked attacks due to Plasma Shield

POW: 4 [14]

  • +10 due to Capacitor

REC: 2

SPD: 5

STR: 3

  • +10 due to Capacitor

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