Name Sunny Emmerich
Nationality Russian-American
Date of Birth 7-3-2004
Place of Birth
LQ-84i Bladewolf
Suit Type
  • Light Quadruped
  • Mobile
  • Predator
  • Brain Implant II
  • External/Internal Status
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Radar
  • X-Ray
  • Thermal
  • Vocal
  • Wi-Fi
  • Communicator
  • Kinetic Servos
  • Hopper Legs
  • Sentient AI LQ-84i "Bladewolf"
  • Tentacle
  • HF Throwing Knives
  • HF Combat Knives
  • Combat Enhanced Augmented Reality Interface
  • EMP Pulse Emitter
  • Experimental Armor
  • Invisibility




Weapons, Abilities, and SkillsEdit

Bladewolf is an deadly quadruped Power Armor designed as an autonomous combat unit. 

Bladewolf lacks any kind of explosives or area control weaponry. However, he makes up for it with his powerful single target assassination capabilities. His design focuses on using his stealth and high mobility in order to take advantage of his powerful close combat options, namely the four HF Combat Knives on each of his limbs. His high armor and mobility ensure that he can deal damage and retreat before he takes damage that would pierce his armor, and his powerful kinetic servos allow Bladewolf to make powerful aerial attacks and close large distances in a short amount of time. In addition, his EMP Pulse Emitter gives him non-lethal crowd control in a large radius, and his HF Throwing knives give him a strong ranged option. 

In a reversal of the typical partnership between a sentient AI and a user, Sunny acts as the AI rather than the pilot, remotely working with Bladewolf as a tech expert and tactical advisor rather than piloting the suit herself.

Suit pastebin can be found here.

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