AO L1_10, also known affectionately as "Lou", was one of the first of the symbiotic creatures to be captured by humans for experimentation. After its extraction from [CLASSIFIED], the Symbiote was put in cryostorage to await transportation to a research facility. However, the convoy carrying L1_10 and several other items of interest was attacked, and L-0 was stolen amidst the chaos. L1_10 eventually came into the hands of the insane Dr. Reach, who wanted to find a way to enhance the Symbiotes to a level of superiority surpassing Power Armor.

The simplest way for Dr. Reach to accomplish his goal was to bond a Symbiote to a human, then equip the creature with a suit of power armor. Dr. Reach selected one of his mercenary soldiers, a man named Michael Archer, to be bonded with "Lou".

Unfortunately for both the human and the Symbiote, the infestation was unsuccessful. Rather than augmenting Archer's mind and body, the two remained separate from one another. The Contact Experiment broke Archer's mind and sent L1_10 into a state of perpetual frenzy, yet both took to one another like a drug of choice for a desperate addict.

Unable to control Archer well enough to force him into a suit of power armor, Dr. Reach contented himself to studying his new creation, and look for alternate ways to further enhance Archer with invasive surgery and mechanical grafts. The result was a horrifyingly disfigured creature with a shocking ability to regenerate lost limbs and survive grievous wounds, but was finally put down by a team of suits sent to assassinate Dr. Reach.

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