Here is a listing of the various resources compiled by everyone involved, most notably The List, threads, and current PDF revision.

Critical reading

Thread History shows a list of previous threads that provide a cursory look at the beginnings, such as some fluff and the various versions of the CYOA. At #suits you can find the more active channel of discussion, where a lot of the decisions that have been made originate. has a list of the various subjects we have decided upon for the main setting, and discussion material we have yet to cover. Volume 2 of IRC: A #suits log. Penned by hexchat, donated by PMCAnon.


Eventually some of the newer and older story will be linked to this section, to provide an easier way of accessing it.


Whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Blog post Fae origins

US Reactions

Africa speculation


PMCAnons wild notepad

Very Old/Obsolete

The Fae Pastebin

TBMS Pastebin

Vox Populi Pastebin

SafetyNet Pastebin

The Pack Propaganda Pastebin

The Crusaders Pastebin

Other resources - A link to various images of Power Armor.

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