Albrecht Ryman
Real Name Albrecht Ryman
Nationality Swiss
Occupation Computer Technician
Factions Armour Corps
Specialty Specialist (TE Hacker)
Location Dogscape
  • Fortress
  • Overlord
  • Dex: 1
  • Dur: 5
  • Pow: 11
  • Rec: 7
  • Spd: 2/3
  • Str: 5
  • Brain Implant
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Hawkeye
  • Thermal Vision
  • Radar
  • Terminal
  • FSOT
  • Spider
  • Spyware
  • Defense Maze
  • Levitation
  • Solar Panels
  • Photosynthetic Augment
  • Cyber Brain
  • Maneuvering Rockets
  • EC II
  • EC III
  • Power Transfer
  • Technician
  • Stinger Howitzer
Suit AI
  • Engineer
  • None
  • 2 Heavy (Autocannon)
  • 2 Heavy (Defender, Autocannon)
  • 2 Scavenger
  • None

The PilotEdit

Born in Switzerland to a French mother and Swiss father, Ryman spent most of his youth moving all over Europe, never staying in one place long, and moving as his parent's jobs dictated. As such, Ryman never developed much in the way of people skills, choosing instead to hide in whatever bedroom he called his that week, playing video games, and learning how to code.

Through his hobbies, he gained skills in everything to do with computers, from their function to their maintenance. His skills and mechanically oriented mind did not go unnoticed by his father, and he was set up from a young age to enter into his father's company as head of IT. His career, however, was short lived, as shortly after he started, the Suitfall put an end to his burgeoning career as a computer technician, and started his life as a power armoured combat hacker.

Personality Edit

Abrasive and a dedicated pragmatist, Ryman is rarely liked by those who he fights along side, but his talents offset his otherwise repulsive personality. Somewhat cowardly, Ryman prefers to avoid confrontation where possible, and where not, tip the odds firmly in his favour through any means at his disposal. 

Appearance Edit

Lanky, and emaciated, with short dirty-blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Relations & AlliesEdit



Mecoptera is a Fortress-Class Overlord-type "power armour". Mecoptera boast large internal transportation cavities, allowing it to move a number of other suits or vehicles into combat, extensive command and control facilities, complete with powerful sensors and an AI. Mecoptera is best suited as a supporting mech, assisting frontline mechs with it's electronic warfare suite, drones, and Stinger Howitzer.

Suit CrunchEdit

Carrier Can carry and maintain 15 humans, 1 large vehicle, or 12 drones of any type.
Siege Mode Roots itself in place to increase all weapons range by 1, give all weapons splash damage, and double the number of advanced actions available in a turn.
Commander Greatly increased comm range, can take control of allied suits or drones, and can forward allied communications.
Levitation Speed increased by 1 when hovering.
Engineer +/- 5 to all Tech rolls, + 10 to all Combat rolls.
Thermal Vision Detect stealthed suits at RA 2.
Technician +/- 5 to all Tech rolls
Hacker +/- 10 to all hacking/scanning rolls, but -5 to all combat rolls, and +5 to all dex rolls

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