XCOM-EU Memorials

A memorial dedicated to all the soldiers who were killed in action.

Handle--Real Name (if known)--Last Mission Edit

  1. Rider--Water Main
  2. El Blanco--Falling Down
  3. Varangian--Falling Down
  4. Bulwark--Falling Down
  5. Specter--Ash Tailor--Falling Down
  6. Adstatus--Thomas Morrison--Falling Down
  7. Turtle--Michael--Falling Down
  8. Mask--Falling Down
  9. Justicar--Falling Down
  10. Durma--Bao Ling Tu--Falling Down
  11. Truck--Maxwell Maximillian--Falling Down
  12. Verm--Falling Down
  13. Silver Knight--Mark W. Wolfe--Crossfire
  14. Dorf--Crossfire
  15. Zulu--Maria Paula Caraballa--Liberation of Port Mosby
  16. Valkyrie--Alvilda Elofsdottir--Republic New Republic

The Disappearance Roster Edit

Smaller, lower-ranked suit pilots have multiple versions of memorials to fallen comrades, although the Memorial Wall above is by far the most well known. However, among certain pilots there is also a corkboard. This corkboard has names of lower-ranked pilots pinned to it, once number in the tens but now coming up upon almost one thousand. Rumors of pilot disappearances litter the board, as the majority of those upon it were "killed in action" yet never returned, even as corpses. Due to the morbid nature of this specific "memorial", Armor Corps has taken this down numerous times and asked that the pilots find more "honorable" ways of paying tribute to fallen comrades.

Theories about the nature of the disappearances vary. The Disappearance Roster has numerous names, almost always from pilots with little to no status among higher-ups. Some pilots (and civilian/soldier counterparts) theorize that pilots who commit suicide from mental troubles make up the majority of the board, and Armor Corps covers it up to keep morale high. Some pilots (and civilian/soldier counterparts) argue that pilots who disappear show odd medical troubles prior to disappearance, and speculate that those dead of disease are burned from potential viral-nanite connections. Others argue that traitors and defectors are the makeup of the Disappearance Roster, and that Armor Corps refuses to reveal this. The most common assertion, however, accepted by the majority of pilots and all faction higher-ups, is that those upon the Disappearance Roster are pilots who never return from missions or are subjects of desecration or compete annihilation.

Regardless, the Disappearance Roster is looked upon unfavorably by high command. It is seen as a morale-lowering breeding ground for speculation and anti-faction theories.

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