Mr Vodka
Mr Vodka - Igor Vasiliev
Handle Mr Vodka
Real Name Igor Vasiliev 
Nationality Russian
  • One of the Hurricane's
  • Vodka Producer
Factions Abyss
Location Grand Market, Dark City, Pacific
Mr Vodkas suit
Spirit's Compressor mark II
  • Heavy
  • Biped
  • Experimental Material
  • Exposed
  • Armored
  • Mobile
  • Uptime/Downtime: 22/2
  • PR: 8
  • AV: 10
  • Lift: 3000lb
  • Height: 175,5 m, non-suit
  • Weight: 83,4 kg, non-suit
  • Mobility: 30m
  • Air supply: 3h
  • Brain Implant 2
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Radar
  • Thermal Vision
  • External Status
  • Voice
  • Wi-Fi
  • N/A
  • Dummy AI
  • Collapsible
  • Colossal Ballistics
  • Colossal Ballistics
  • HP 4 - Right Arm
  • HP 4 - Left Arm
  • Full-Range Accurate Motion
  • Temperature Resistance 2
  • Self-Repair 2
  • Improved Hull
  • Physical Shield, Shoulder
  • Physical Shield, Shoulder
  • Electron Shield
  • Kinetic Servos

"You see, comrades, when I have no helmet, I can tell those cyka's face to face, what I think of their mothers."

- Mr Vodka, 20XX

The PilotEdit


"Добро пожаловать! Comrades, it is good to see you, sit down! Have a drink, there's much to talk."

- Mr Vodka, to Revenant after a successful mission, 20XX


"They ask, why you no take nanites, why? Well comrade, having some little shit crawling through your veins, changing who you are is not for me, I already have vodka, you see, same effect, and with the credits spared from that, I could invest for another glorious cannon from the Motherland."

- Mr Vodka, when asked why he didn't take nanites, 20XX

Relations & AlliesEdit

Mr Vodka is part of Abyss, he joined the organization 4 months after the initial drop.

The SuitEdit

Suit CrunchEdit

Armored Descent PDF

>250 points

-20 Heavy
-0 Biped
+5 Exposed
-10 Mobile
-5 Armored

-15 Brain Implant 2

>Armor Material
-25 Experimental

-10 Temp. Res. II
-15 Self-Repair II
-5 Improved Hull
-5 Physical Shield
-5 Physical Shield
-25 Electron Shield

-10 Kinetic Servos

-5 Enhanced Vision
-5 Radar
-5 Thermal Vision
-10 External Status

-0 Vocal
-15 Wi-Fi


-5 Dummy A.I
-5 Collapsible

-20 Colossal Ballistics - HP 4/10 Right Arm
-20 Colossal Ballistics - HP 4/10 Left Arm

-15 Full-Range Accurate Motion


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