Nano bots
Along with the power armors, the Arrival has also brought to Earth another amazing technology: highly advanced nanotech. This nanotechnology is only available from the Armor pods, and thus far cannot be replicated by humans.

Hydra NanomachinesEdit

Though long out of use among the Fae, the Humans consider Hydra nanites to be a miracle of medical science. Hydra nanites supplement the natural healing abilities of the human body, curing any and all physical ailments of the human body, as well as maintaining and regulating a score of vital functions throughout the body, the effects of which greatly extend the human lifespan accordingly.

Hydra Nanites are named such due to the rapid healing ability they facilitate, healing cuts in seconds and even regrowing whole limbs over the course of several weeks. Many people, organizations and governments would love dearly to get their hands on a replicable sample, but the secrets of this aspect of Fae technology, like most, have eluded understanding thus far.

Progenitor NanomachinesEdit

Originally a means for the Fae to prevent the genetic deterioration of their species, these nanomachines were rendered obsolete when the Fusion nanomachines were perfected. They have accidentally found a new use in the hands of Humanity after the nanomachines were found to recognize human DNA enough to register it as "damaged" Fae DNA and begin to "repair" it, transforming the subject into a Fae down to the genetic level.

Along with their good looks, these "Psuedofae" enjoy natural althelticism, and an estimated lifespan in the area of 200 years. As Psuedofae, they will naturally heal somewhat faster than humans, but not nearly as fast as a human with Hydra nanites and cannot regrow lost limbs and similar trauma.

Canvas NanomachinesEdit

Extremely similar in design and function to Progenitor Nanomachines, Canvas Nanomachines differ in that rather than re-writing the host's DNA into that of a Fae, they are capable of being programmed via mental interface to change the host's height, weight, gender, body type, and every other describable physical feature. After the initial injection, further changes take a full day to complete. The time it takes for completion of a transformation varies widely depending on the scope of the changes made, and the process can sometimes be quite painful to undergo. They can be used to heal superficial wounds, but cannot heal internal injuries or cure diseases.

Specter NanomachinesEdit

Suits built with Artificial Intelligences have a small tank of these nanomachines included in their design. The AI can disperse and direct these nanomachines to create a Human to palm-sized avatar to interact with the world. The image created looks similar to a cloud of dust caught in a ray of sunlight, giving any human form they take a ghostly appearance, hence the name.

Genesis NanomachinesEdit

The apex of Fae nanotechnology. These recombinant nanomachines replace living cells with artificial imitations, transforming the host into a partially synthetic creature over the course of a few days. As a fusion of organic and machine, the user is beyond sickness and requires only minimal food and sleep to function. Their artificial qualities allow them to fuse seamlessly into their armor, becoming living cores within a powerful new body, as well as granting a considerably extended lifespan ranging from 400 to 600 years.

Resource NanomachinesEdit

Resource Nanomachines are the basic building block of nearly all Fae technology, and a testament to the Fae's mastery of Nanotechnology. Analogous to human stem cells in function, Resource Nanomachines are designed to repurpose their own bodies to create and assemble the materials necessary to produce power armor, as well as a number of other Fae constructs. They are currently the only means of creating Power Armor.

Maintenance NanomachinesEdit

Resource nanites not used in construction of the suit instead become Maintenance Nanomachines, which are responsible for repairing the suit between combat sessions, as well as assisting in the integration of additional combat modules and upgrades.