Tuff tonk tank
Handle Nelson
Real Name Norbert Mayo
Nationality United States
Occupation Night Guard, "Chuck E. Cheeses" Restraunt [Former]
Factions Armored Core
Location New Zealand
  • Medium
  • Tank
  • Dexterity: 3 (+1)
  • Durability: 3 (+1)
  • Power: 4
  • Recovery: 4
  • Speed: 4 (+1)
  • Strength: 3 (+1)
  • Skates
  • Adhesion
  • None
  • Manual
  • Suit Status
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Floodlights
  • Radio
  • Terminal
  • Defense Maze
  • Crowd Control
  • RPG
  • Flamethrower
Weapon Weight
  • 2 Units
  • Emergency Evac
  • None
  • Environmental Controls II+III
  • Spare Energy Cell
  • Kinetic Stabilizers
  • Sub Armor Pistons
  • Hydra
  • Mycelium

Personality Edit

Norbert is a slacker, but not afraid to talk about things that are unrelated to the subject at hand and bring up hot topics for the sole purpose of causing debate. This reputation has given most first impressions of Norbert to be one of someone that is "Lazy and infuriating". However, Norbert can still have normal conversations if he feels so inclined too (which is most of the time), and isn't really worried about what people think of him as years of browsing a certain image board has given him a fairly thick skin.


A Caucasian male standing about 6'5 with a fairly average build, he has somewhat pointed chin, medium sized cheekbones, and a small scar on the far right of his forehead from when he hit his head as a toddler. His hair is brown and is not usually kept in good condition


Coming from your average suburban family, Norbert was a slacker who was constantly doing things to the minimum or very close to the deadline. After making his way through the education system by the skin of his teeth and dropping out of college after his first week, he was estranged from his family. Kept up in a small apartment and making enough salary for his needs, the suit pod that crashed into the pizza filled dumpster outside the Chuck-E-Cheeses where he worked was a way for him to slack off by saving the world. Noticing the hype on the videogames boards, he noticed a thread much more interesting than a Warhammer general. Seeing that he had to go to New Zealand he entered his suit and embarked on a trip the only way he could fathom- By driving across the ocean floor to New Zealand. Arriving on the coast of New Zealand after 11 days of trekking across the ocean floor, he arrived on the coast of New Zealand and departed for the Armored Core headquarters.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Mayo Family [Estranged] Armored Core

The SuitEdit

Being too unoriginal and not wanting to sound like a looser, Norbert never named his suit. Preferring to call it "my suit" or something along those lines. Picking what felt best at the time, the tank treaded suit possesses only 1 arm, the other arm being a large flamethrower with an RPG mounted above it.

Suit CrunchEdit

Name: My Power Armor (Name is a work in progress)

Type: Medium.

Stats: Dexterity- 3 (+1) Durability- 3 (+1) Power- 4 Reovery- 4 Speed- 4 (+1) Strength- 3 (+1)

Body: Tank (+1 Dur, +1 Dex). (10)

Features- Skates (Free) Adhesion (10)

AI: None

User Interface: Manual

Heads Up Display: Suit Status; Advanced SS (5), Floodlights (5),

Communications: Radio; Terminal (10); Defense Maze (10)

Weapons- Crowd Control (5)/.5 RPG (15)/ 1 Flamethrower (10)/.5

Total Weight- 2 Units

Defences- Emergency Evac (10)

Drones- None

Upgrades- Environmental Controls II+III (30),Spare Energy Cell (40), Kinetic Stabilizers (10, +1 SPD), Sub-Armor Pistons (10, +1 Str)

Nanites- Hydra (10) Mycelium (10)


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