Conqueror worm

(Note: suit made using alternate CYOA image)

Affiliation: Tumblr Engineers


Call me a a savior, a glorified bus driver, or just a vulture. Take your pick, but it might alter what I charge you.

I travel underground, where no radar or satellite can see. Surface briefly to drop off the kids (drones, passengers, or both), then dive, sit back and watch the battle remotely. Once everything's quiet, pick up the survivors and scavenge what I can find for sale or use.

I don't much like politics, but some of the things these guys are saying online or on TV is pretty scary. Luckily I can afford to pick and choose what side I support. Everybody needs logistics- transport, communications, repairs, salvaged suits, or just a safe place to recharge, regenerate and rearm. I typically return pilots to their own side, IF my fee gets paid.

I can fight if I need to, especially against the TA, but I don't seek it out. Call me crazy but I actually try to avoid killing anyone, and make an effort to live what could reasonably be called a normal life.


(Made with the alternate CYOA)

Size: Fortress

Body type: Graboid

Tremor Sense

Extra Limb

AI: Engineer

UI: Brainwave Harness

HUD: Suit Status I & II

Coms: Radio, Comm Buoys, Worm Platform, Spider, Defense Maze, Spyware

Natural Weapons

Wave Motion Gun


Drones: (Number Doubled by "Carrier" feature)

  • Light (Accuracy Upgrade, Laser Rifle, Suit Control Weapons
  • Scout (Spotter Upgrade)
  • Scavenger (Mechanic Upgrade)
  • Avatar (Upgrade w/ Flight, Radar, Ion Cannon)

Basic Environment Controls

Storage Compartments

Cyber Brain


Veteran Soul