This is a WIP guide to the standards expected when creating and editing profile pages on the wiki for both individual pilots and groups.

In no particular order:

  • All individual pilot profiles should come with suit builds listed, to avoid claiming over-the-top power levels.
  • Individual pilot profiles should also include fluff, backstory and elements other than suit builds. A format is available for use for pilot/character pages here.
  • When listing a pilot's suit build, make sure to reference which version of the rules (HardTarget's PDF, Bliss' JPGs, etc.)
  • Profiles should have proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. They should read well. Expect someone to clean it up if you don't yourself.
  • PC pilots cannot be the leaders of factions.
  • When writing fluff involving other groups or pilots, ask their writers for permission first. (Either on 4chan's /tg/, Rizon, or here on the forums)
  • As it stands, everything is subject to change, so expect some conflict if you go out of control with your fluff, or if something new comes up.
  • If you are making new fluff/lore, run it by the other users first to avoid issues. 
  • If you do not check with the Mandatory Materials page, your contributions will be very liable to questioning, criticizing, and dismissal if a solution can not be found. Do not fret, for there is usually one to be had.
  • Pilots by their very nature should not be in roles or positions of power in regards to the wikia, discuss fluff regarding your pilot with your respective GM if you want.
  • NPC limits for entities are as follows: 12 for major (high) factions, 10 for minor (normal) factions, 8 organizations 6 groups.
  • PACYOA: TE players are limited to one active "build" page, which can have whatever other setups you have on it, to prevent clutter.

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