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Handle Patriot
Real Name Magnus Hightower
Nationality American
Occupation N/A
Factions N/A
Location US-Wandering
Bug hunt by sttheo-d6d5aj1


MASS-034 "Patriot"
  • SuperHeavy 40
  • Biped 0
  • Armored 5
  • Gun Platform 15
  • Uptime/Downtime: 24/4
  • PR:10
  • AV:
  • Lift:4k
  • Height:20ft
  • Weight:3200
  • Mobility:25
  • Air supply:4
  • Brain Implant 2 15
  • Spinal Column 5
  • Enhanced Vision 5
  • Thermal Vision 5
  • Navigation 5
  • Radar 5
  • Xray Vision 5
  • Internal/External Status 15
  • Vocal 0
  • Communicator 10
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • HP4-40mm Auto Cannon 20
  • HP4-120m Cannon 20
  • Railgun 20
  • Assisted Aim 5
  • Target Lock 15
  • Full Range Motion 20
  • Composite Materials 20
  • Improved Hull 5
  • Flares 5
  • Kinetic servos 10

"The cycle of life and death continues. We will live. They will die"


Magnus is a rugged confident soldier who always excelled when it came to being in the military,an ex Delta Force operative and team leader.His operations brought him all around the world from Afghanistan to the Korea's his team suffered no casualties through his entire deployment with a mission success rate of 99% (don't ask him about the 1% he'll never tell you what happened..)specializing in most warfare from guerrilla tactics to conventional tactics adopting to his suit quite well. He maintains a strict patriotism and code of honor,A bit of a loner when it comes to actually socializing in the outside world straying away from crowds of people, he hardly opens himself up to anybody his own family hardly knows what he does or who he is now.The battlefield his home now and he would have it no other way.


Caucasian with a deep voice southern American accent about 6'1 about 202 pounds of lean muscle dirty blonde usually military cut hair on top of his head and sometimes a beard on his face to help conceal his face.

Relations & AlliesEdit

No relations with any other suit users yet. Any friends of the States is a friend of his..or any group with a decent cause he could get behind.

The SuitEdit

Patriot one of the bigger suits in the suit using community standing at a whopping 20ft tall standing and weighing in at about 3200lbs Patriot is a military suit through and through designed for nothing else but shooting and killing a flat grey paint job with square angularish designs to help deflect or absorb hits large tactical straps around its body to hold ammo among other things like any other foot soldier would wear his mane 40mm auto cannon mounted to his hand as an over-sized assault rifle flare pods on either shoulders and a communication radio on its back along with its 120mm cannon and rail gun.

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