"Others first. Then me."

Handle Pilgrim
Real Name Otis "Church" Baker
Nationality Australian
Occupation Work hand
Factions Green Initiative
Specialty High speed medical assistance
Location Amazonas, Venezuela
  • Mesh
  • Hopper
  • Dex: 6
  • Dur: 1 (+1 when blocking)
  • Pow: 1
  • Rec: 5
  • Spd: 4
  • Str: 2
  • Brainwave harness
  • Suit status
  • Advanced suit status
  • Thermal vision
  • Night Vision
  • Radio transmitter
  • Natural weapons (retractable claws)
  • Adhesion
  • Gills
  • Environmental controls
  • Environmental controls II
  • Environmental controls III
  • Storage
  • collapsible
  • grappling hooks
  • kinetic stabilisers
  • Sub-armour pistons
  • Camouflage
  • Tranquilliser darts
  • Suit control, Crowd control
  • Vibroblade (claws)
  • Rail Rifle
Suit AI
  • Soldier
  • 2 light shields (armour plating)
  • None
  • Hydra
  • Hydra II

The PilotEdit

A simple work hand raised by a good family, Otis Baker wasn't much to remark about before Suitfall, other than he liked to draw and dreamed of travelling the world. But the arrival of a pod crashing down in a cow paddock changed all that.

Personality Edit

Otis is pretty quiet but loves to have deep and meaningful conversations. Small talk is an alien concept to him no matter how hard he tries. He prefers listening to people's problems than telling them his own. He also knows what needs to be done.

Has joined the Green Initiative due to agreeing with their point of view and less destructive mindset. Having seen AC's methods, Otis feels more comfortable in preserving lives and their achievements compared to blowing up everything that does or doesn't move.


Otis is about average height with brown hair and a lean build. Nothing much else apart from that.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Ellie: A pilot that Cathedral saved when the helicopter in Operation Kursk II went down.

Stark Soldat: Is at philosophical odds with the aggressive man on accounts of their different views on the nature of the Jovians, who really are a lovely people.

The SuitEdit

Original suit: Cathedral

With hopper legs and four arms, the original suit codenamed Cathedral made an odd sight. His lower, smaller arms carried the rail rifle while the larger upper arms carried the shields and it's impressive battering shield. Another oddity is that about half of the mech was covered in paintings. From Leering skulls to Maori style tattoos and Crosses to stylised versions of playing cards. Otis figures that he may as well have added a little art to the world as well as firepower.

Current suit: Pilgrim

The current suit is a stark contrast compared to Otis' original suit. Sleek and stealthy, but no less dangerous. With his current build, Otis is also able to heal the injured more efficiently in the field. Something he wasn't able to do on Operation Kursk II. Has dark plating and hopper legs, with a light grey cross painted onto the helm plate.

Wears a cloak with a large hood for shits and giggles. Also on account of being damn comfy.

Suit CrunchEdit


Operation Kursk II (+7.5 points. Reduced due to faction change.)

Has saved 6 lives to date

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