Handle Raiu
Real Name William Scott
Nationality American
Occupation Pirate Radio Disk Jockey
Factions Freelance, The Calvary
Quadruped mecha
Radio Station 49
  • Fortress
  • Quad
  • Uptime: 5 Days
  • Downtime: 5 Hours
  • PR: 5
  • AV: 5
  • Lift: 5
  • Height: 3m
  • Weight: 1700 lbs
  • Mobility:2
  • Air supply: 5 Hours
  • Brain Implant
  • Suit Status
  • Ad. Suit Status
  • Radar
  • Sonar
  • Radio
  • Terminal
  • Comm Buoy
  • Defense Maze
  • Cyber Brain
  • Hydra
  • Mycelium
  • Enviro Control 1&2
  • Memory Palace
  • Polyglot
  • Agent AI
  • Traquilizer Darts
  • Suit Control
  • Crowd Control
  • Sharpshooter
  • Missile Launcher
  • Light Drone (Laser Rifle)
  • Light Drone (Laser Rifle)

The PilotEdit

"Life wasn't interesting, but now it is. Hold on, don't scoff at me just yet. Let me tell you why it is interesting. Before Suitfall (or Armor descent, or The Happening or whatever you want to call it) happened, I was just another crappy /mu/sician, yeah, the kind that actually liked music. Anyway, I was practically worthless then, but then it happened. The world changed and I got myself a nice mobile radio station to keep the music going. Now all that crap that I listened to before can be put to use. Now you can scoff."


There's only so many things that can interest a mildly obsessive person, and it's even fewer now that the suits have fallen. Thankfully, there are people who are trying to make things a little more normal, as well as a bit more interesting. /Mu/sician and perhaps mildly autistic "Raiu" is one such person. With the panic of the century going on after Suitfall, he decided to use his Suit's communications abilities to create a true Pirate Radio Station.

Rather lethargic, it takes a bit of doing to do things that don't grasp his interests, but he tends to be rather tenacious when he does get moving. A humanitarian at heart, he is more likely to be doing PR work in civilian areas than actually fighting, but not everyone can live a life filled with battles.


Being rather tall, yet slightly pale skinned, he looks like he hasn't seen the sun in a while, and given his obsessive behavior, he likely hasn't.

Relations & AlliesEdit

The relation of Raiu and Team Calvary is one of a series of misadventures and interesting tales. In effect, he has something to put his mech's capabilities to use when he isn't broadcasting.

The SuitEdit

Being mostly a platform for Raiu's radio shenanigans, it's hardly an optimized machine. Given his lack of general knowledge on mechs, it was bound to happen. Oh well, at least the cockpit is roomy.

Suit CrunchEdit

Starting Stats Dex: 1 Dur: 5 Pow: 5 Rec: 1 Spd: 3 Str: 5

Fortress - Quadruped (10)

Features Adhesion (Free) Tremorsense (5) Levitation (10)

Suit A.I. Agent (10)

User Interface Brain Implant (20)

HUD Suir Status (0) Advanced Suit Status (5) Radar (10) Sonar (10)

Comms Radio Transmitter (0) Terminal (10) Comm Buoy (10) Defense Maze (10)

Weapons Traquilizer Darts (5) Suit Control (5) Crowd Control (5) Sharpshooter (15) Missile Launcher (20)


Drones Light (Laser Rifle, Flame Thrower) (5) Light (Laser Rifle, Flame Thrower) (5)

Upgrades Enviromental Controls 1&2 (10) Storage (0) Cyber Brain (10) Memory Palace (5) Polyglot (5) Hydra (10) Mycelium (10)

Final Stats

Dex: 2 Dur: 5 Pow: 5 Rec: 1 Spd: 3 Str: 5

200 spent

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