Raphus Cucullatus

Raphus Cucullatus

Real Name Canton Smith
Nationality American

Mechanical Engineer/Guard

Factions Empyrean knights
Location Classified
Raphus Cucullatus
  • Heavy
  • Biped
  • Experimental Armor
  • Uptime:22h/Downtime: 2h
  • PR:8
  • AV:13
  • Lift:3,000 lbs
  • Height:8.875 ft.
  • Weight:12,000 lbs
  • Mobility:37.5m
  • Air Supply:3h
  • Brain implant 2
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Thermal Vision
  • External Status
  • Vocal
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hydra nanites
  • Tentacle
  • Ion Cannon
  • Railgun
  • Dedicated Mental Tasking
  • Temperature Res. 2
  • Physical Shield
  • Electronic Shield
  • Self Repair 1
  • Adhesion
  • Thrusters

Raphus Cucullatus, "Dodo"Edit


Canton Smith, before the suit fall, lived his life as a mechanical engineer working at a nearby engineering firm. He was getting bored with his job because his firm designed new types of busses for transportation, and he wished to do something greater with his life. When the suit fall occurred he was just leaving from work. He noticed that one of the pods crashed near the road, so, like what any curious engineer would, he approached it. He was amazed at the wide array of advance technologies that he could obtain with the pod. After creating his suit, he quit his job for a while until he encountered a small scout party of Empyrean Knights, where he was able to convince them to take him with them to work as a mechanical engineer.

Life as a KnightEdit

Since Canton's suit did not have the capabilities of flight, the Knights had the problem of what to do with him. There was a lot of discussion on this matter but eventually it boiled down to sending him to one of the Knight's classified ground bases, in which they gave him the name Raphus Cucullatus, which is the scientific name for Dodo. He is currently on guard and research duty at the base.


Generally he is a very inquisitive person always looking for answers. He tends to be a fairly nice guy all around by helping his fellow colleagues the best he can. He tends to not to be violent unless circumstances lean to doing so. He has a bad habit of overworking himself when it comes to his research and development, and has a hard time determining when people are joking about him or just being plain rude.


He has short black hair and brown eyes. His body is of a medium build, and his height is around 5’11”. Canton is 31 years old.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Unlike most Knights, Raphus is a ground base suit, therefore he has little interaction with the most of the other pilots in the Empyrean Knights. So, he tends to have more relations with the general staff of the base. When fellow knights do come by though, they often call him "Dodo", and use various jokes about dodos.

The SuitEdit

The AppearanceEdit

The suit is dull grey that is accented with orange. The suit has a shield attached to one of it arms and a rail gun mounted on the other on.  The shoulder has a ion cannon attached to it .

Suit CrunchEdit

suit was made in Armoured decent (revision 6) pdf.


[20] biped

[35] brain implant 2

[60] experimental armour

[70] temperature resistance

[80] self repair 1

[85] physical sheild

[110] elctron sheild

[120] adheason

[135] thrusters

[140] enhanced vision

[145] thermal vison

[150] tentacle

[160] external status

[160] vocal

[175] wi-fi

[185] hydra nanites

[205] rail gun

[230] ion cannon

[250] dedicated mental tasking